Rain Guards for Fiamma Awnings

Keep the rain from dripping into your van and the space under your awning dry with these rain guards specifically designed for Fiamma awnings!

Note: the F65 Eagle (self-supported/legless) awnings typically do not need any type of rain guard because it uses a “full length” mounting bracket that accomplishes the same thing when installed correctly.

For F80S Awnings

Part number 98655-020. This rain guard is a long square foam strip that sits underneath the F80S awning on the roof of the van to prevent rain water from seeping under the awning. It is a 4 meters (13.12 feet) long and can be trimmed to fit around the mounting brackets.

For F45S Awnings

Rain guard for the F45 awnings is sold by the foot and comes in three dimensions to fill various sized gaps between the awning and the vehicle.

For Awnings With Special Mounting Or On Roof Racks

The 98655-947 rain guard is a 3 meter (9.84 feet) long rubber strip that is designed for awnings that are lifted up and away from the vans and is typically used with F45S awnings installed on curved trailers, mounted on roof racks or other special situations.