Unaka Gear Flush Mount Solar Panel Bracket Unistrut or Superstrut Hardware Kit


  • Mount your solar panel flush with the tops of your Unistrut or Superstrut using this Hardware Kit.
  • See complete details in the description below.
  • $3 flat rate ground shipping per set.


Mount your solar panel flush with the tops of your Unistrut or Superstrut using this Hardware Kit

This kit provides you with the hardware you need to install your solar panels to your 1-5/8″ Unistrut or Superstrut using our Unaka Flush Solar Panel Mounting Brackets.  Save your self a trip to the store, trouble of hunting down the exact hardware you need, and the issue of buying to much or to little hardware.  This kit includes 18-8 Stainless steel so that it can withstand the wind, rain, sun, and snow.

As always if you have any questions let us know.  We are here to help!

Features and Benefits

  • Stainless Steel hardware to withstand the elements
  • Use this kit with 1-5/8″ wide Uni-strut or Superstrut

Flush Solar Bracket Unistrut Hardware Kit Includes

You will need 1 Hardware Kit for every set of Flush Mount Solar Panel Brackets you purchase.

Included to bolt your flush mount brackets to your 1-5/8″ Unistrut

  • Qty 8:  5/16-18 x 0.75″ Lg Stainless Steel Button Head Cap Screws
  • Qty 8:  5/16-18 Strut nuts with spring for 1-5/8″ tall strut (Zinc Plated Steel)
  • Qty 8:  5/16 Stainless Steel Flat Washers

Included to bolt your solar panel to your flush mount brackets

  • Qty 4:  1/4-20 x 0.75″ Lg Stainless Steel Hex Bolts
  • Qty 8:  1/4″ Stainless Steel Washers
  • Qty 4:  1/4-20 Stainless Steel Nylon Locknuts

Does Not Include:

This kit does not include the Flush Mount Solar Panel Brackets.


The strut nuts are note made out of stainless steel but come in zinc plated steel which is still corrosion resistant.

Installation Notes:

  1. We recommend adding some Blue 242 Loctite to the threads of your bolts when you do the final installation.  Even though we do not expect any, we recommend that you periodically check the hardware to ensure that nothing has loosened over time.