Promaster Slider Door Magnetic Insect Screen

I’ve had SO many people write to me about where they can buy an insect screen for their Promaster slider door like the one I used in my Miles Van Camper v2 (video of screen). Well, the short version of the story is that you can’t. The company that made the screen is, apparently, no longer supplying DIY van builders and only working with the RV manufacturers and, if you can get your hands on one, they’re prohibitively expensive for most people.

So, I’m working on fabricating a similar, but improved magnetic insect screen for the Promaster slider door and rear cargo doors. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has slowed this process down and supply chains are all kinds of screwed up. However, we hope to have it ready in January of 2021!

If you’re interested, please use the “email me when available button” below so I can let you know when it’s ready!

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