Rear Cargo Door Wall Panel (Left)


  • Custom formed for Promaster vans
  • 3mm thick ABS plastic with a light texture and off-white color
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install for a clean and professional look
  • New product! We expect our first shipment to arrive in August of 2021 but are accepting pre-orders (backorders) now!

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Panel Dimensions: 30.7″ (78cm) x 42.9″ (109cm)
Maximum window cut out size: 19.6″ (50cm) x 19.6″ (50cm)

The panels can be attached to the van structure in a variety of ways. One approach is to drill holes into the van sheet metal and then attaching the panels using "automotive push clips" (similar to how the few factory-supplied panels in a Promaster are attached). Alternatively, you could secure the panels with self-tapping screws covered with screw caps. In both cases the push clips or screw head covers can be painted with SEM 15103 Color Coat paint to match the color of the panels.

Customizing Panels
Since this is a new product, we don't have any direct experience with painting the panels but we have heard that Dupli-Color Vinyl and Fabric spray paint has been used successfully on similar interior plastic panels. Another option that we recommend is upholstery with a fabric or marine vinyl.

Window Cut Outs For factory glass windows or factory-style windows such as CR Laurence windows we recommend you cut the window opening large enough that the metal area surrounding the window is exposed so that you can use magnetic window coverings. If you're using European-style acrylic windows you'll need to construct a 1/2" to 3/4" (15-20mm) deep wooden frame for the window and then cut the corresponding window opening into the panel.  After this you can install the panel and finally the window. We recommend using a jig saw with a high-quality wood blade. Be sure to keep the saw/blade moving so that you don't melt the plastic with the hot blade during the cutting process. After the cut, you can finish the edges with a file or sand paper. You can trim the edges with Trim-Lok  type edge guard (1/8" edge and 7/16 leg length). The edge guard can be painted with SEM 15103 Color Coat to match the color of the panels.

Be sure to check out the other Promaster wall panels we sell. The photos below are of Master Overland’s Malibu conversion which used many of these panels.