Valley Hi Voyager – Drop-In Power System


If you’re not familiar with mobile electrical systems, you can save yourself time, money and frustration with this elegantly designed, professionally engineered drop-in power system that uses the very best Victron Energy equipment.

Designed and built by an experienced electrical engineer who worked extensively in the automotive industry. Ready to charge 3x ways: when driving from your vehicle alternator, via solar panels and from shore power when available.

Ships freight – fully protected on a pallet. It will arrive ready to be dropped into place over the a rear wheel well in a cargo van. All you’ll need to do is secure it in place, wire it up to a shore power inlet (we recommend Furrion, 30 amp inlets in white or black), connect any solar panels, connect to your vehicle battery for alternator (DC-DC charging) and finally wire up your  “branch circuits” to the integrated circuit-protected wires that come with butt connectors.

Building a power system like this can take many days – even for experienced installers. This system can be installed and wired into your van in an afternoon!

This first version of the Voyager is compatible with all Sprinter van models and some larger wheelbase vehicles (i.e.: Promaster 159″ extended). Designed to be placed over a rear wheel well but this placement is not required. Another version of the Voyager is in development that will fit into shorter wheel base Promaster and Transit vans!

Includes detailed wiring instructions and world-class support from Valley Hi.

Ships approximately 4 weeks after order via truck freight.

Designed to fit over the driver side rear wheel well in a Mercedes Sprinter van or extended Transit or extended Promaster van. Future versions will be available for shorter Transit and Promaster vans.

The system is designed to place over the top of a rear wheel well but this isn't a requirement. If you'll be using it over the wheel well, please let us know which side of the van you wish to install it so that your Voyager will come with space for the wheel well and the correct orientation.

Please choose the battery storage capacity you want. Each battery is 200Ah.


The optional base/kickplate adds 6" of height to the power system. Depending on your van's layout this could be helpful if you want to use the top as a work surface or want to have a high lofted bed area over the top of the power box tall enough for bikes/gear. The optional base also includes additional storage!


The system includes a Victron Energy 100/30 Smart MPPT solar controller that can accommodate a solar panel array of up to 100 volts with an charging output of up to 30 amps. You can upgrade to a larger solar charge controller below if needed. Not sure? Feel free to contact us with questions.


The system includes a Victron Energy Touch 50 (5") touch screen control that pairs up with the Cerbo GX. You can upgrade to the larger, Touch 70 (7" version).


We can ship to your residential address (including a lift gate) or to the nearest shipping terminal terminal which, in most cases, is 10-60 miles from your address. If you live in rural area you might be farther from a terminal. Feel free to contact us if you'd like to check on the location of your nearest terminal. Terminal shipping is less expensive than residential delivery and you pick the shipment up at your convenience rather than spending much of a day at home waiting for the truck to arrive (Terminal shipments must be picked up from the terminal within 48 hours of the package arriving at the terminal or the customer may be responsible for a daily storage fee).

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What’s Included

  • Sturdy yet lightweight black anodized aluminum extrusion frame
  • Beautiful bamboo doors, wall panels and top
  • Your choice of 400Ah, 600Ah or 800Ah of Victron Energy lithium battery storage for massive off-grid capability
  • Victron Energy MultiPlus II 12/3000/120 inverter/charger providing 2600 watts of 120 volt AC power that can surge up to 4000 watts along with up to 120 amps of battery charging capability
  • 2x, Victron Energy Lynx Distributors (one used for battery connections and other used for loads/chargers)
  • Victron Energy Lynx Smart BMS w/ integrated shunt/battery monitor
  • 2x, Victron Energy 30 amp Orion DC-DC chargers (non-isolated) enabling you to charge your batteries at 60 amps when driving
  • Victron Energy Cerbo GX with the Touch 50, 5″ control screen interface (upgradable to the Touch 70, 7″ version)
  • Victron Energy 100/30 Smart MPPT solar charge controller (upgradable to the 100/50 controller)
  • Blue Sea disconnect switch
  • 120 volt AC and 12 volt DC distribution with circuit protection ready to power your branch circuits/loads:
    • 120 volt AC: 1x 15 amp and 1x 20 amp circuits available
    • 12 volt DC: 12 circuits available (you’ll choose appropriate fuse size)
  • Integrated venting
  • A 120 volt AC and 12 volt DC outlet on the rear of the cabinet
  • Fully wired, configured and tested

If your van has WIFI internet connectivity through a dedicated router, hot spot or similar, you can connect the included Cerbo GX to the internet and add it to Victron Energy’s free monitoring solution called VRM which allows you to monitor, control and configure your system from anywhere in the world.

This system uses the Victron Energy Lynx BMS allowing you to upgrade your system to use a dedicated secondary alternator with Wakespeed regulator in the future if you need additional charging capability.


56.5” long by 30” high (or 36″ high with optional base/riser) by 19” wide.

Designed and engineered by Jesse Wagler, an experience electrical engineer who worked extensively in the automotive industry.