Water Voyager – Drop In Plumbing System


Part of the Voyager system, the Water Voyager is a complete freshwater system in a box with everything you need to travel comfortably in your van. It includes a 20-gallon fresh water tank, optional Isotemp water heater, water pump, water fill ports, and connection points. Once the Water Voyager has been installed, you can easily run your hot and cold water lines using PEX connections to each fixture (sink, shower, etc.) and get on with the rest of your build knowing the plumbing system is done right!

Ships Complete – Ready To Drop Into Place
Ships freight – fully protected on a pallet. It will arrive ready to be dropped into place over a rear wheel well in a cargo van.

Van Compatibility
The Water Voyager is compatible with all Mercedes Sprinter van models and the 159″ or 159″ extended RAM Promaster vans. We are working on a Ford Transit van version!

Fits Into Your Design
The cabinet structure is made from rugged yet lightweight 8020 (t-slot aluminum) and then “skinned” with your choice of finish material: natural bamboo, black or white. Also, the dimensions of the Voyager are perfect for integration into a floor plan that has a rear bed with a “garage” area below. The width is 56.5″ which pairs well with a full-size mattress. The height is 30″.  If you need a taller “garage” area for storing something like bikes, you can add the optional base/riser to add an additional 6″ of height and add some storage below the Voyager. The 8020 construction of the frame offers maximum flexibility for how you secure your Voyager to the van and how it coordinates with the rest of your van build.

The frame is made from black 8020 (t-slot aluminum). You can choose your preferred door, wall and top panel color/finish below.

Designed to fit over the driver side rear wheel well in a Mercedes Sprinter van or extended Transit or extended Promaster van. Future versions will be available for shorter Transit and Promaster vans.

Please tell us more about your van including the model year, engine type, fuel type, etc.

This option add an Isotemp Slim Square water heater to your Voyager. This water heater has a 4.2 gallon capacity and can be plumbed into the coolant lines of your rig for fast, reliable water heating on the road and also has a 750 watt (120VAC) electric heating element. You can choose to add the water heater only or with an installation kit that includes everything you need for plumbing the water heater to your van's coolant lines. The installation kit will be the version with standard, stainless steel hose clamps which is our most popular version of the kit and it will be specific to your vehicle. Note that the Isotemp water heater and kit will ship separately from the Voyager.


The optional base/kickplate adds 6" of height to the cabinet. Depending on your van's layout this could be helpful if you want to use the top as a work surface or want to have a high lofted bed area over the top of the power box tall enough for bikes/gear. The optional base also includes additional storage!


The system is designed to place over the top of a rear wheel well but this isn't a requirement. If you'll be using it over the wheel well, please let us know which side of the van you wish to install it so that your Voyager will come with space for the wheel well and the correct orientation.

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  • Base Price: $5,500.00
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