Victron Energy Bundle (External BMS Batteries)


  • Savings start around $450 with 2x, 200 amp hour batteries. The more options you add, the bigger the savings! You can see the calculated discount/savings by scrolling down to the “options price” shown in red below the options.
  • This Victron Energy bundle comes with the core components that we recommend in our example power system using Victron’s Smart lithium batteries with an external BMS.
  • World-class support. We’re here for you when installing, configuring and using your system!
  • Free ground shipping to the continental USA!
  • Base price with the default options include the following. Upgrade to larger batteries, the Lynx Smart BMS and other options for additional savings.
    • Your choice of Victron MultiPlus inverter/charger
    • Your choice of BMS (VE.Bus BMS or Lynx Smart BMS)
    • Your choice of battery monitor shunt (SmartShunt or the integrated shunt in the Lynx Smart BMS)
    • Your choice of battery capacity and quantity of batteries
    • 1x, MK3 to USB Interface
    • 1x, Lynx Distributor
    • 1x, Cerbo GX with GX Touch 50
    • 1x, 3.2 foot (1 meter) – M8 battery extension cables
    • 1x, VE.Direct cable
    • Optional solar charge controller
    • Optional DC-DC chargers

To start configuring the bundle, choose between using 200Ah or 300Ah batteries. We don't recommend mixing capacities. Note: the 200Ah batteries are small/lightweight enough to ship UPS ground but the 330Ah batteries are not. So, if you choose 330Ah batteries, your order will need to be shipped freight. We include freight charges in the costs below but freight deliveries take longer and are less convenient.

The Victron Smart lithium batteries have round, 3-conductor M8 cables on them that are wired to each other when creating a battery bank. Then there is one set of cables that runs from the daisy chained battery/bank to the BMS. Please choose the length of cable you need for this below.

The batteries included in this bundle require an external BMS. You can choose between the simple and affordable VE.Bus BMS or the more feature-rich (but more expensive) Lynx Smart BMS. If you choose the VE.Bus BMS your bundle will come with the Victron SmartShunt for battery monitoring. If you choose the Lynx Smart BMS, a battery monitoring shunt is integrated into the BMS.

If you choose the VE.Bus BMS, we recommend 2x Smart BatteryProtect devices as shown in the example wiring diagram on this post. If you've chosen the Lynx Smart BMS you don't need any of these but you may wish to have one for your non-essential loads such as your 12 volt DC load center/fuse box. Basically, the build in "contactor" in the Lynx Smart BMS will turn off your loads/charging when the batteries determine that is necessary but, you can have acheive a "staggered" shut down of loads if you add a Smart BatteryProtect as shown in our example wiring diagram.

Note that there are now two versions of both the MultiPlus 12/2000/80 and 12/3000/120 inverter/chargers from Victron. You can choose between the original versions which are a bit more expensive or the newer versions that were released in early 2022. We also offer the split-phase (240 volt) capable version of the MultiPlus II 12/3000/120.

Some installers like to use two Lynx Distributors in their system: one to connect the batteries together in parallel with fusing and a second for all the loads/chargers. The bundle includes 1x Lynx Distributor but you can add a second below. We have example wiring diagrams in this post showing the use of both 1x and 2x Lynx Distributors in this blog post.

Need help knowing what size solar charge controller you need? Check out this awesome calculator.

These devices allow you to connect your van's battery to the "house" batteries to charge them while driving. They can charge your battery at 30 amps and you can use two or more in "parallel" for 60 amps of charging capacity. If you have dual factory alternators/batteries, you could consider using 2x on each battery/alternator for a total of 4x units.

Please choose how many VE.Direct cables you need. You may want to refer to our example wiring diagram/blog post to help you determine this. You can also purchase more later! With the VE.Bus BMS you'll typically want 1x for connecting the SmartShunt to the Cerbo GX and additional cables for any SmartSolar charge controller in the system. When using the Lynx Smart BMS you'll typically one a VE.Direct cable for each SmartSolar charge controller in your system. If you need a longer version of this cable, you can purchase those separately in various lengths

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We highly recommend that you read through this post that details an example electrical system using these components to help you understand how the system works, how you would need to wire it up and configure everything and to help you make decisions on which of the options we offer in the bundle would be best for your power system.

Bundle Includes The Following with FREE Ground Shipping!

Your Choice of MultiPlus Inverter/Charger

The original 12/2000/80, the newer 12/2000/80, the original 12/3000/120, the newer MultiPlus II 12/3000/120 or the dual phase/240 volt capable MultiPlus II 12/3000/120. Please feel free to contact us if you’re not sure which one to choose! The most popular options are the original 12/3000/120 or the newer MultiPlus II 12/3000/120.

Your Choice of Victron Smart Lithium Batteries

Choose between one or more of either the 200 amp hour Smart batteries or the 330 amp hour Smart batteries. We don’t recommend mixing between the two versions.

Your Choice of BMS/Battery Monitor

The batteries included in this bundle require an external BMS. You can choose between the simple and affordable VE.Bus BMS or the more feature-rich (but more expensive) Lynx Smart BMS. If you choose the VE.Bus BMS you bundle will come with the Victron SmartShunt for battery monitoring. If you choose the Lynx Smart BMS, a battery monitoring shunt is integrated into the BMS.

System Control & Monitoring with Victron’s Cerbo GX and the GX Touch 50 Screen

The Cerbo GX adds sophisticated monitoring and control of the components of your electrical system – both locally in your van and, if you choose, “in the cloud” through their VRM portal online. The Cerbo GX pairs with a small, colorful touch screen (Touch 50) to control the various displays. In addition to monitoring, you can control your MultiPlus inverter/charger from the touch display. We even include a trim piece for the touch screen so it looks great when installed.

Optional Add-Ons

  • Orion DC-DC charger for charging from your alternator when driving
  • Your choice SmartSolar MPPT solar charge controllers. Need help knowing what size solar charge controller you need? Check out this awesome calculator.
  • One or more Victron Smart BatteryProtects. You’ll probably want two of these if you’re using the VE.Bus BMS and one of them with the Lynx Smart BMS.
  • A second Lynx Distributor.

Please see our terms & conditions regarding electrical and power system products. Many of our customers are DIY van builders but, if you're not familiar with power systems, you might consider hiring a ABYC or Victron Energy certified professional to assist with this part of your build. The team at Vanlife Outfitters is happy to answer any product questions but we do not assist in system design or configuration or troubleshooting for free. However, we do offer a wide range of example power systems and other informational content. If you need help understanding power systems, designing your particular power system or troubleshooting issues, we offer consulting services for camper van electrical systems.

Unlike most retailers (we're looking at you, Amazon), Vanlife Outfitters is committed helping our customers in any way we can and we have free information on our site including detailed example power systems. We would love to sit on the phone with each and every one of our customers while they figure out how to install their system or if they wired something incorrectly but we would need to hire a team of electricians to do that and, frankly, we would rather keep our prices low and offer paid consulting instead.

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