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Our store is designed with both DIY and professional van builders in mind. We’ve converted many vans ourselves and have curated the best products that are not readily available – from one-of-a-kind products to the best appliances and components we use on our own vans. Learn more about how we’ve done the research and testing so you don’t have to. We also have some great discounts when you bundle products.

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As van builders and vanlifers ourselves, we’re committed to supporting your build with our store and the best customer support in the industry! But, don’t take it from us only. Check out our customer reviews!

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Vanlife Outfitters started by sharing our own camper van conversion journey with our blog posts detailing the build process and tips for living vanlife. We continue to add content that helps support DIY van builders!

We also support tons of professional builders throughout the country and continually learn from their work.

In addition, we are a Victron Energy authorized distributor and work closely with them and other vendors so that we can provide you with the best products and support.

Latest From The Blog

Overview of the Cerbo GX / Ekrano Products from Victron Energy

We've been huge fans of the Victron Energy Cerbo GX which is the most popular of the so-called "GX devices". Over the last many months, this family has grown so we made a video that dives into the most commonly used GX devices in van electrical systems that covers the original Cerbo GX, the newer, [...]

Interior Shower or No Interior Shower?  An Experienced Vanlifer’s Opinion

“Vanlife is exchanging varying levels of comfort for freedom…and comfort is the thief of your destiny.” -Me Introduction *In this blog post, rather than using the phrase ‘fixed interior shower’ each time when referring to ‘a shower’, it can be inferred that I’m talking about a fixed traditional interior shower unless otherwise stated. Camper vans […]

EcoFlow vs. Victron Energy Electrical System Comparison

Like many, we were excited about these "future of electrical system" kits. We bought a 5kWh kit and, initially, we were quite smitten indeed. What a beauty! A few months later the honeymoon period ended. Alas, after much testing and, trying to kindle the love, our cupid never showed. In this post, we'll do our [...]

Tips for Wiring the AC Terminals on a Victron Energy MultiPlus II

We get a lot of questions from our customers about this, so we've made a short video with some basic tips on how to wire up the 120-volt AC terminals (AC input 1, AC output 1) on a Victron Energy MultiPlus II inverter/charger including using ferrules and to NOT use the release button when inserting [...]