Customer Reviews

As DIY van builders ourselves, we’re committed to supporting van builders with our store that sells everything from unique products that you’ll only find here to our favorite appliances and other road tested camper van parts. But, don’t take it from us only – check out what our customers have to say about their experience with Vanlife Outfitters.

By the way, if you’re a customer, we’d love to hear about your experience!

I appreciate the team working with me to replace the items on my electrical bundle that were on back order. I also appreciate all the blog posts and guidance around choosing the right electrical system and various aspects of the van build. It has been a great resource for me throughout the entire process.

— Matt

This is my first van build and I wanted to do it right. After a lot of research I have decided to go with this company. Not only did they exceed my expectations with the easy to order process but I got a message an hour after I placed it notifying me that it will be shipped same day. I got it on time and in perfect condition with how to and everything. Insulating it was an absolute breeze and my van is so well insulated that I truly notice a difference from being outside to being in there. If I need anything in the future I will be ordering from them. Thank you for making this transaction personable and smooth.

— Xavier

Vanlife Outfitters has been our go to for hard to find van supplies. I think we have bought something from every category of their store. We are satisfied with the quality of everything and found the blog posts to be extremely helpful for two novices. Even if Amazon carries a product, we always order from Vanlife Outfitters. Prices are comparable, but the service they provide gives Vanlife the edge. Thanks for all you do!

— Lisa

Thank you so much for being a one-stop shop for specialty van build components. Though I only purchased a few items from your site, the parts were impossible to find elsewhere. My order was easy, quick, and exactly what I needed to finish up my custom cabinetry. I would 100% use vanlife outfitters in the future (esp. when I get to final touches — Lagun mount, window covers, etc.). Thanks!

— Renee

I have purchased a couple of products from vanlife and they have been very quick to fill and ship orders, based on my experience up this far I give them 5 stars ⭐️

— Patrick

Of all the people I called involved with van buildouts, this company was absolutely the best. I got all sorts of help, regardless of whether I was going to buy the part or not. Which of course, made me decide to buy the part from them :-).

— Sue

Have always received fast and attentive service and products that make my build both exciting and manageable. Thank you Vanlife Outfitters!

— Brian

These guys are so very helpful from design to procurement to implementation to follow up questions…knock your socks off level of service!

— David

Vanlife Outfitters was great to work with! Ordering was simple and felt personal, what we needed arrived in the perfect amount of time and we ultimately will be ordering again! Van people are their people and we’re happy to have found such a great place to order what we need.

— Tiffany

While I trust that the Isotherm fridge we ordered will work well, I did want to emphasize that Vanlife Outfitters have done a stellar job in supply support. I ordered a fridge and immediately came a question of clarification. Done! Then, when the shipping firm wanted to deliver a day late and we had to postpone with the shipping firm to 4 days later, Vanlife Outfitters, seeing that the delivery date had been moved, called us of its own accord (!!) to ask if there were any problems. None, said we; and then delivery happened exactly as planned. Oh, and I forgot to mention that in the very beginning I needed dimensions, and Vanlife Outfitterssent me all kinds of information. What an outfit! Many stars. (Oh, my name is David Engle, and I am not a professional outfitter [although I have built houses and academic websites], and I have NO connection to Vanlife Outfitters beyond this transaction. They just did an over-the-top job.

— Dave

I am accustomed to remodeling houses and thought building out a little van would be even easier. Ha! A big decision was whether or not to purchase and install a Webasto gas heater. Price was a big consideration, but safety and ease of use won out AFTER speaking with Zach. (I kept his number). What an amazing service to me and my hired hands!!! Zach was responsive and actually understood all my cryptic descriptions, questions and frustrations. And that kind of service has not been typical at all. So grateful for outstanding customer service and technical assistance as well as photos with red marking and highlights. Simply the best!

— Peggy

HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! Prices were great, and got the product in time for my trip. Very happy. Will buy from Vanlife Outfitters again.

— E. Roccia

Everything shipped SO quickly and was packaged really well. I love the shrink wrapping on the Thinsulate makes its so easy to unpack and open so it can puff up. Prices beat everyone else’s, email responses were quick and helpful – would not hesitate to purchase from Vanlife Outfitters again.

— Robin

Vanlife Outfitters know how to take care of their customers! Reasonable prices, excellent customer service, great expertise. I highly recommend them!

— Paul

Vanlife Outfitters is the best comprehensive van build-out site! As I build out my van I am constantly referring to the variety of instructional videos, guides, etc. All of the information is very thorough and thoughtfully laid out for ease of use and understandability. I am so grateful that Vanlife Outfitters exists…otherwise my van build out would be in a far worse place.

— Andrew

Glad I found the source for some of my van needs. I try to stay away from the bigger sources to help the smaller ones. I’m a small business owner. Good prices and fast shipping, glad I found you!

— Jeffrey

Single best source I have found in looking through countless websites. The electrical diagrams/system worked perfectly in my new van, and this is the first place I visit when I have a question about the next stage of my build.

— Michael

Great shop, very helpful and extremely fast service and delivery!

— Bob

Service was outstanding- both regarding very prompt replies to questions prior to ordering, very quick delivery, and, most especially, absolutely top notch communication throughout the entire process. I haven’t had a chance to actually install anything I ordered yet, but everything was delivered in fine condition and appears just as described. I give Vanlife Outfitters the highest recommendation possible – I only wish all businesses were run so competently!

— Colin

Vanlife Outfitters are the best of the bunch. They have the right part for the right build. Their staff is knowledgeable and was very helpful over phone. We bought two seat swivel adapters. The parts were from Italy, fit our van perfectly. it was a breeze installing them. Vanlife shipped really fast and well packaged. If you are buying major parts such as heaters, batteries, then shop here. They have the best product in this side of the pond.

— Rio

I order the Flat Jack levelers for my Class B RV. This product is very durable and will be great when camping on uneven ground. Thanks, VanLife Outfitters, for having this quality product available and sending it so quickly. I appreciated the updates on shipping status as well!

— Cori

I purchased the Flat-Jacks. A perfect solution to leveling the van. Thank you for offering this solution for customers in North America.

— David

Swivel seat arrived surprisingly quick from Florida all the way to Portland, OR. Item fit as promised and an easy install!

— Paul

There are way to many decisions to make when building a van. Vanlife Outfitters has made it easy to get high quality curated products at good prices. They ship really fast too. Most items are shipped the same day. Thank you for making my build easier!

— Michael

VanLife people all have been very helpful and responsive, especially given how little expertise I had (and have) about my awning. Cassie Jo spent a lot of time on the phone with me helping me figure things out, orders were filled promptly and delivered ahead of the promised time, and tech services have also responded very promptly and helpfully to my inquiries. Ten out of ten all round.

— Jean

Awesome folks to work with, very responsive and knowledgeable!

— Jim

I have ordered several things from you for my build (insulation, awning, Webasto heater, Lagun table mount). Service and delivery times have been great.

— Jack

Everything on the site was very helpful in getting all of the parts needed. The heater and accessories shipped quickly and very well packaged. The video tutorial released on the heater was also incredibly helpful in installation.

— Andy