Professional Builder Network

We know how difficult professional van conversion can be. So, we’ve designed our Builder Network to solve many of the daily headaches for builders while increasing your profitability. Simplify your product sourcing, save money, gain customer leads and save time.  Join today for FREE!

Please review the terms & conditions for the Pro Builder Network.

The Pro Builder Network Means Bigger Discounts, More Personal Attention and Simplified Product Sourcing for Your Business

Wholesale Pricing
The best feature of joining the Pro Builder Network is all the discounts on nearly every product in our extensive catalog of the very best products for van builds. These discounts are on top of our industry-leading pricing. Simply log in to your account to view your preferred wholesale pricing. Save up to 15% off popular items.

Quantity Pricing Discounts
In addition to the standard builder discounts, we’ve created quantity-based pricing tiers on the most popular products for pro builders.   The more you buy, the more you save when you buy in bulk.  This is especially beneficial when you know you have multiple builds in the pipeline.  Buy three vent fans, save a bunch… Buy more than five, save even more… Buy more than ten, save A LOT.

Quarterly Rebates
As a bonus, and extra incentive to consolidate your purchases with one helpful and reliable supplier, any pro builder that spends at least $10,000 will get a 3% rebate in the form of store credit to use for future purchases (store credit must be used/expires within 180 days from issuance and does not roll over).

Get New Customers – Priority Listings In Our Directory
As a Builder Network Customer, your listing in our directory will be featured first and tagged as a “builder partner” which conveys our trust in your business.  The builder network is an excellent source of leads as our site is visited by thousands of new users per month.  Potential build clients from all over the country looking for a professional builder can filter by state to find your business. The featured listing adds credibility and reassures the decision-making process for the potential build client.

Save Time & Headaches with Streamlined Ordering
Think of us as your trusted supply partner. As van builders, we know you’d rather be building than placing orders all day. In addition, every order placed is a liability when it comes to lead times, shipping damages, and lost items. Streamline your sourcing by shopping from our ever-expanding catalog of the very best, road-tested van-build products. We’ll get you your products quickly, reliably, and at the very best prices so you get what you need with the fewest headaches. We can even work with you to create custom bundles for your specific builds that can streamline the ordering process.

Enhanced Service & Support
Pro Builders get priority technical and product support. Having built dozens of vans, our team understands what it’s like to have deadlines to meet and customers to keep happy.  One of the greatest benefits of buying with Vanlife Outfitters is tapping into our expert-level knowledge base.  Our team has over 30 years of vanlife experience.  We are also official Victron Energy distributors and certified Webasto service and repair specialists.  When you get stuck, you have the piece-of-mind knowing that you can always call Vanlife Outfitters.

Benefit From Our Product Knowledge and Testing
Our team is constantly hunting down the latest and greatest products and innovations in the camper van space. We are proper van nerds with our wanderlust-filled fingers on the pulse of the industry. In addition, we’re continuously testing and learning about the products we sell and developing new systems and techniques. Leverage our history and knowledge of products to make your van builds the very best they can be. And, as a sourcing partner, our team can help you design and engineer systems in your builds to drive more predictable and profitable outcomes.

Thinsulate Full-Roll Discounts
As the nation’s top seller of Thinsulate for camper vans, we have the best pricing in the industry.  Save over $500 dollars off retail when purchasing full rolls of Thinsulate shipped via freight directly to your door.  Each full roll is 300 linear feet long by 5 feet wide.  The total square footage is 1,500 sqft which is enough for about 5-8 vans.  Thinsulate is a superior product to wool and other forms of insulation and it can be used in the marketing of premium van builds.

Social Media Love
We love to follow our Builder Network customers on social media and keep track of your work which allows us to re-share with our audience of over 18,000 followers across all platforms. This to us, is an amazing way to learn, earn, and return.  When you join the builder network or when placing a large order, we will share you in our stories and follow you (if we aren’t already).

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