We know how expensive building a camper van/adventure vehicle can be. Check out the discounted bundling options below so save on the best products for your build.

Have a cart full of awesome stuff – send us a screenshot to and we might be able to offer you a discount on your unique order!


Comfort Bundle

Stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Save $200 off your order when you combine any Webasto heater and the Mabru 12-volt DC rooftop air conditioner. Discount will be automatically applied when the two qualifying products are added to your cart!

Build Basics Bundle

Pretty much every van build needs a Lagun table mount, Maxxfan, and a swivel seat (or two)! Save $40 when you combine these into a single order. Discount will be automatically applied when all 3x qualifying products are added to your cart!

Insulation Bundle

If you read our blog post on how to insulate your van, you’ll know we’re big fans of 3M Thinsulate insulation combined with Low-E radiant heat barrier. If you add 40 linear feet (or more) of these two insulation products, we’ll give you an automatic 5% discount when you add them to your cart!

Water Heater & Plumbing Bundle

Combine an Isotemp water heater with our favorite water pump and accumulator tank to save $35 off the bundle of these products. If you haven’t already, we recommend you check out our blog post that details why we love the Isotemp water heaters. The discount will be applied automatically when the qualifying products are added to your cart!


Get the Victron Energy equipment you need at the best price possible. Each of our electrical system bundles also has a corresponding example wiring diagram!