What kind of solar/electrical system do you need in your rig? We recommend a 3-part evaluation.

If you get stuck or have questions, our team is here to help! Email us a support@vanlifeoutfitters.com or call us at 754-444-8704 extension 2.

Step 1: Figure out your needs with a load calculation. We have a detailed blog post including sample load calculations you can use for this step. This exercise will really help you with the next two steps!

Step 2: Make a foundational decision on the type of system you'll be building. We've narrowed this down for you to four basic approaches/architectures - all of which use lithium-type batteries, and each one has a detailed blog post, free example wiring diagram, and, for the Victron-based systems, a discounted Victron Energy product bundle that you can configure to your specific needs. You'll save a bundle with our bundles! You can think of this as the primary components and the products in the bundle are specific to the architecture/system design you've chosen.

Step 3: Add on the "accessories" that you need for your particular system with our discounted accessories bundle that includes everything from shore power inlets to circuit protection and wiring. These are the products that will tie everything together into a fully functional power system but are not specific to a particular example wiring diagram/architecture!


Power System Accessories Bundle


Our discounted power system accessories bundle has options for all of the products you need to wire up your electrical system. Only the best, road-tested components are offered here. We recommend pairing this accessory bundle with one of our power system product bundles – each of which includes a detailed blog post and a free example camper van wiring diagram that we recommend you use as a guide to what accessories you need.

All of these products are for sale individually in our store.

Please scroll down to toward the bottom of the page, in the description, to see photos and a link to each product offered in this bundle.

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Note: you may also need some tools or small items such as lugs or heat shrink that we don’t sell in our store. We have some recommendations on these items from Amazon in this Google Sheet.

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