PopRak – Pop-Top Sleeper for Sprinter/Transit Vans


Expand your van! The PopRak has modernized and improved on the good old pop-top on campers to add space and utility to your Sprinter or Transit van (Promaster version in development).

  • $9,995 price includes the PopRak and installation at our facility in Sarasota, Florida. We install your PopRak, you hit the beach 🙂 The PopRak cannot be purchased without installation.
  • Reserve your PopRak for just $100 today. We will follow up to schedule your installation appointment and you’ll be responsible for paying the $9,895 balance 30 days prior to the scheduled installation.
  • Vanlife Outfitters is one of the first, official PopRak distributors for this innovative new product.
  • Adds a bed space in the pop-top tent which opens up all the space that you might normally dedicate to a bed in your van for other things or allows you to add additional bed space for family-friendly rigs.
  • PopRak is strong enough to accommodate typical roof accessories (fans, awnings, solar, lights, etc.). Because it doesn’t modify any bulkhead braces, it preserves the structural integrity and safety of the vehicle.
  • Learn more on PopRak’s website.
  • We expect the first PopRaks to be delivered to us in Q1 2024, we will be one of the first distributor/installers to receive them.

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At 84” long, the PopRak is the same length as a standard queen-size mattress and with a width of 53” which is close to the same size as a full-size mattress. So, the PopRak offers plenty of room for two adults or a bunch of kids to stretch out! The PopRak can support up to 500 pounds.

Unlike a traditional pop-top, the roof opening that will be added during installation is only 18” x 30” and fits in between the bulkheads of your vehicle.

The pop-top is accessed through the portal/opening. You could add a bunk ladder such as this or come up with your own creative solution for access.

The “dynamic” load weight of Sprinter & Transit vans is 350 pounds. This is the weight the manufacturer has determined you can safely drive around with. When you’re parked, more weight can be added to the roof (such as two adults sleeping) as long as it is properly transferred to the van through the rooftop rails that span the vehicle’s structural bulkheads. This weight is inclusive of any accessories you may add to the roof including awnings, van fans, A/C units and gear. Although spacious and roomy, the PopRak weighs less than 200 pounds.

Compatible with Mercedes-Benz / Freightliner Sprinter 2016 – 2023 model year standard and high roof vans and Ford Transits 2015 – 2023 model year low, medium, and high roof vans.

Automotive-style Safety Latching Systems

More sophisticated than competitors “camp style” latches and catches. Can also incorporate optional driver notification systems.

Convenient Interior Power & Lighting Controls

Easy access to lighting controls and power for accessories while you relax in your rooftop roost.

Industrial Grade 4-Bar Lift Linkage

Safely lifts and securely supports weight of top and gear in wind and weather. Easy for one person to open or close with familiar and simple procedure.

Proprietary Pinch Free Closing System

Protects fabric sidewalls from being damaged and ensures ease of operation for first time users.

Optional Portal Accessories

Optional portal accessories can accomodate sunroof, Maxxfans, air conditioners, etc.

4” Multi-layer Foam Comfort System

Top-of-the-line sleep comfort systems in a “queen” sized mattress — a top proprietary anti-condensation protection layer.

Easy Access with PopNet™ Hand Grab Assist Webbing

Facilitates both ingress and egress when parties of all ages are transitioning through the vehicle roofline.

Overhead Storage Systems

Flexible storage nets on the ceiling provide additional storage. Over 5 cubic feet of space is preserved above the mattress when PopRak is closed, allowing for storage of bedding & other personal items.