Aqua-Hot Gen1 – Combo Air and Water Heater – Propane


  • All-in-one heater – combines both air and water heating in one compact unit.
  • High-altitude capable – auto adjusts up to 15,000 feet in elevation.
  • User-friendly control panel – the LCD control panel is extremely user-friendly and can be positioned where you like it.
  • Complete installation kit – includes everything you need for a typical installation from a fuel standpipe/pickup to ducting and vents – scroll down to near the bottom of the page to see the list of included items
  • Hot water – the Aqua-Hot Gen1 will heat 2.64 gallons (10 liters) of water up to 176 degrees Fahrenheit in about 20 minutes and can be combined with a mixing valve to temper the heated water with fresh water to extend the amount of usable hot water.
  • Zoned heating – there are 4x heated air connection points that can be ducted (60mm) to various locations throughout your rig.
  • No-anode (maintenance-free) design – unlike common water heaters, there is no anode to replace in the Aqua-Hot Gen1 heater.
  • Heat with shore power – if you have shore power you can use it to heat and save on fuel.
  • RV-C ready – compatible with the RV-C protocol, and can communicate with any control/display system using this protocol.
  • Two-year limited warranty.
  • Made in the USA (in Colorado)
  • This kit includes almost everything you might need for the install (scroll down to the description below to see a detailed list). If you need extra air ducting we have that here.

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Finally! A furnace and water heater combination with high altitude performance up to 15,000 ft.

35 years of design expertise back the luxury RV comfort systems by Aqua-Hot now featuring the innovative Gen1.

You no longer need a separate heater and water heater in your van.

The Gen1 is a multi-purpose, single appliance designed to save space and weight in a vehicle while still providing the highest level of environmental comfort as well as 2.64 G of hot water.  With 13,500 BTU of heating capacity (20,000 for propane version). The Aqua-Hot Gen1 can heat water independently of the furnace, keeping camper van owners comfortable year-round and ensuring they’re always ready for a luxurious hot shower from anywhere on the road. Warm air flows into the coach’s interior through 4 air outlets where it is distributed evenly and efficiently for a consistently comfortable internal temperature. The Aqua-Hot Gen1 is rated for high altitude operation up to 15,000 feet above sea level – compared to competitive models that are only rated up to 5,200 feet.  Gen1 also uses RV-C Open-Source intelligence for user-friendly control and easy integration into the camper van’s multiplex system.

The Aqua-Hot Gen1 heater comes with every component you need for a camper van/RV heater installation, including the Gen1 heater, control panel, flexible ducting, and exhaust and intake tubing.

Replace a Truma Combi

This Aqua-Hot Gen 1 is also a perfect replacement for a Truma Combi at a great price. The form factor, venting, and location of all the ducting/connections allow for a simple, direct replacement with little hassle or retrofit required. Even the holes for mounting the unit are located in the same location as a Truma Combi.

What’s Included in the Kit

  • Heater unit with electric heating element
  • 12VDC power cable
  • Control panel with wiring harness
  • Misc. terminals/connectors
  • Room temperature sensor (thermister)
  • Air intake/exhaust assembly
  • Air intake/exhaust port and sealing gasket
  • Air intake/exhaust mounting clip
  • C-clip and clamp for exhaust tubing
  • 4x, air duct mounting brackets
  • 4x, fixed louver/vents for heated air
  • 4x, adjustable louver/vents for heated air
  • Fuel pump assembly
  • 2x, push-to-connect fittings (10mm OD 1/2″ BSPP)
  • 3x, 1/2″ PEX x 1/2″ NPT male (brass)
  • 6x, 1/2″ PEX x 1/2″ NPT female (brass)
  • Water check valve
  • 40 PSI water pressure regulator
  • 8x, 9-11mm fuel line clamps
  • 6x, 8-10mm fuel line clamps
  • 2x, 70-90mm work drive clamps
  • Air distribution cap
  • Exhaust vent
  • Control knob
  • 2x, 4 meter (13′) lengths of heated air ducting
  • Various fasteners

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Weight 700 oz
Dimensions 48 × 48 × 30 in