Tetravan Flush Mounted Folding Shower


Innovative, space saving shower! Full description below.

Matching shower curtain also available.

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The Flush Mount Shower offers a full showering experience in your van with virtually no intrusion into your living space. Like the original Tetravan Folding Shower, the Flush Mount Shower folds up and out of the way when not in use.

The Flush Mount Shower is designed to install into a cabinet or bed-front bulkhead with a full height of 34.5”. The new inset design takes up even less space than the original Tetravan Shower, with only the handle protruding a mere 3 inches into your living area. This means more room in your van for other things, like: a second row of seats; a dining area; a sleeping area; a van entryway; or, space for fridge or kitchen drawers to open into.

The Tetravan Shower uses a patent pending drain design that allows water to drain into an angled gutter and exit through a conventional marine shower drain, even when the van is parked on a moderate slope.

The shower head and hose are stowed in the back of the shower behind a flapper door. When in use, the shower head pulls out of its compartment and clips onto an included wall mounted holder. All plumbing fixtures and latches are stainless marine grade.

Dimensions: The dimensions of the nested portion of the shower are 21.6” wide by 31.0” tall. The depth is 3.5” but an additional 3.5” behind the back needs to be kept clear for plumbing lines and shower head/hose storage. The dimensions of the outer flange are 23.25” wide by 34.0” tall. The shower is attached to the bulkhead via 12 0.25 diameter holes in the flange that can be used with woodscrews or bolts depending on the material of the cabinet or bulkhead.

Connections: Hot and cold water connections attach via 1/2” NPS-F fittings. Drain accommodates 1” ID flexible vinyl tubing.

Included: Fully assembled shower, Scandvik shower head and hose, shower head holder, Skandvik 90 degree drain, and Scandvik shower valve/mixer.

NOT Included: Tetravan Magnetic Curtain (sold separately here).

Made in USA.