CTA Swivel Seat Base for Promaster

  • We’re working with CTA in Italy to hopefully sell these at a price that is more in line with the prices in Europe. Please see the details below for more info!
  • Best selling swivel base for European camper van manufacturers.
  • Universal design for 2014 or newer Promaster vans – the same swivel base works with both the driver and passenger seats.
  • Swivels using a aerospace phenolic self lubricating nylon disk wear plate instead of ball bearings used in other swivel bases for smooth operation and to eliminate rattles or vibrations.
  • Raises the seat up by approximately 1.65″ (complete dimensions shown in photos).
  • Installation is quick and easy and takes approximately 30-45 minutes per seat and includes detailed instructions.
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Long story made short it’s hard to find these seat swivels at a “reasonable” cost in North America, but they are widely available in Europe for about half the price. Certainly the distance between Italy and European countries accounts for some of this difference but not all of it. We’re working with CTA to try and import these swivels and sell them at prices similar to retail prices in Europe. We should know more in January on the progress of that effort.

In the meantime, you can add yourself to our “wait list” (button below) and we’ll notify you when we have them available for purchase.

Or, if you need these right away, you can order them from Leisure Lines in the UK. As I write this, they retail for about $160 from Leisure Lines and they will ship two swivel bases to the USA for 80 pounds (about $50 each) making the total price about $210 for each swivel which, while not quite as great as being in Europe, is still considerably less expensive than what they cost here. In fact, you’d save about $180 on a pair of swivel bases. Best of all, they ship quickly. In our experience, we receive the swivels from the UK in about 3-4 days. To get the fastest shipping, add the swivels to your shopping cart and then use the search box to add special shipping “products”. If you’re purchasing one swivel search for “International carriage 9” and add that to your cart as well. If you’re ordering two swivels, search for “International carriage” and add that to your cart. Adding shipping to your original order in this way saves them from needed to email you to arrange shipping to the USA so you get them a little quicker.

They also sell the CTA swivels for Sprinter vans and Ford Transit vans.

About the Swivels:

These swivel seat plates sandwich a special aerospace phenolic self lubricating nylon disk wear plate thereby making the swivel virtually maintenance free and absent of rattles or vibration often found with ball bearing roller designs requiring periodic replacement. These are the #1 selling seat swivels used by the majority of OEM European camper manufacturers.

These swivels come with complete installation instructions and normally takes about 30-45 minutes to install.  First  you remove the seat from it’s factory “base” and then install this swivel adapter on top. Finally, you put the seat back on top of the swivel to complete the installation. The swivel adapter will raise the overall seat height by 1.75 inches.


Additional information

Weight 265 oz
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 3 in