Building a Camper Van Can be Hard.
We Can Help!

Camper Van & RV Project Assistance

Want help putting in a window, vent fan or electrical system? Building a camper van can be pretty hard – especially the first time! So, it can be really helpful to have an experienced professional complete some of the projects during a van build. You’ll have the confidence it will be done right and the time to focus on the other projects you’re most comfortable with.

Unfortunately, we do not offer full or partial van builds or conversions.  We are currently focused on installing products that we sell in our store.  Here is a list of some of our Frequently Asked Questions regarding installations.

We have developed simplified pricing for many of the most needed projects including:

Note: we focus on working with Ram Promaster, Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit vans but may be able to help you with other vehicles or boats. Whenever possible we prefer that you purchase any products from our store so that we can simplify any warranty or repair issues should they ever arise.


Perhaps a conversation with Josh, Zach or a member of the Vanlife Outftitters team would be helpful for your build?  From design to implementation, they’ve spent a ton of time researching and building vans and can apply that knowledge and experience to save you time and prevent potentially costly mistakes.  Our rates start at $95/hour.

Renovations & Upgrades

Our team of specialists can complete repairs and renovations to get you back on the road faster or upgrade your rig. We’ve upgraded commercial RVs like Winnebago Travatos with state-of-the-art power systems to increase their off-road capability and helped many others with DIY or custom build vans with troubleshooting, repairs and enhancements.