The Boondocker 2.0 is anything but a basic build. There are countless hidden upgrades throughout this van. It features a modern yet multifunctional floor plan. I designed this van to be rugged, sleek and modern based on 3 years of full time vanlifing. I took everything he wanted to change about my first van and fixed it on my second build. It has everything you need and nothing you don’t. Webasto Diesel Heater, Maxxair fan, 12V Fresair Air Cooler, Isotherm water heater, Urine Diverting Toilet System, Extra large sink, heated outdoor shower, a full size bed and tons of storage! This beautiful interior is built on a hard to find Diesel 159” Promaster with only 55,000 miles. All you need to do is pack your things and hit the road!


159” Ram Promaster diesel, 55,000 miles (diesel engines are known to last over 500k miles when properly maintained), diesel engines are also better for the environment because they get much better gas mileage. This van get 450-500 miles per tank about 20mpg. It also has computerized manual transmission. This drives EXACTLY like an automatic transmission. There is no shifting and no clutch. You drive it like an automatic. This helps on fuel as well. Rear backup camera and sensors, cruise control, power windows, mirrors and doors, bluetooth, keyless entry. I also added a Sumo Spring suspension system.

Added Technology:

Viper Alarm system, GPS tracking system, WeBoost Cell Signal Booster, Aftermarket 4k Rearview and Front Recording Camera and screen to film as you drive.


LED Headlight upgrade, All Terrain Tires, Grey RUGGED rhino-lined Dominator paint job (easier to keep clean and resists scratching from branches), grill guard, side runners, custom made rooftop deck with composite decking and wind fairing, LED spotlights on the sides and rear, etc


150 watts of solar panels, Victron 400ah Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, Victron 12/3000 Inverter/Charger, Victron Smart MPPT 100/15 Solar Charge Controller, Full Victron Battery monitoring, management and protection system, Victron Orion BuckBoost DC/DC Charger/Isolator (set to charge at 75 amps!), WFCO Distribution Panel, shore power charging. You can charge this van via the solar panels while in sunlight, via the alternator while driving, or via the shore power outlet when parked at a campground or friend’s house. Premium LED package with color changing, pattern changing LED strips in the toe kicks and over the desk. Bedside wireless charging. 12V outlet for charging on the move inside the top drawer and bookcase.


The plumbing system starts with an energy efficient Isotemp Slim 4 gallon water heater that taps into your engine coolant system to heat water. This allows you to conserve your energy for other uses. There are two 20 gallon freshwater tanks over each wheel well. Combined with the water heater, this van has a total of 44 gal freshwater storage!, 8 gallon greywater tank w/ electric dump valve (this makes dumping your greywater a breeze!), ultra quiet Shurflo Revolution water pump, extra large Ruvati sink and Vigo faucet that doubles as a bike wash/shower, there is a second heated shower in the rear of the van. Urine Diverting Toilet in closet. 44 gallons of freshwater is rare in a van.


I am a NERD about insulation and I don’t mess around or cheap out with insulation. I’ve built over 15 vans for other people and won’t put a different system than this. Everyone is over the moon about how quiet and moderate the temps are in their van. I prefer an insulation system that involves sound deadener, Thinsulate, an air gap, Low-E reflective layer, another air gap! and then the wall. It is a lot of extra labor to do the insulation and wall paneling this way, but I think that insulation and temperature control is the most important part of the build. The van also includes a Maxxfan Deluxe 7500k w/ remote, a 12v Fresair Cooling Unit and a Webasto Diesel Heater that is fueled by the van’s existing fuel tank. There is also a radiant heat pad in the hallway.


My vans are built with furring strips that are fastened to the van frame with rivnuts (not self tapping screws). This is a more labor intensive and costly method, but I build my vans to the highest standards. High end textured laminate cabinets (double the cost of formica), two heavy duty drawers in the garage (250lb capacity), a step-drawer to get into bed (500lb capacity), a Lagun table with two mounts, hidden bookcase behind the refrigerator reclaimed wood plank wall paneling, heavy duty vinyl wood plank floors, high end locking SouthCo latches throughout. Nice size closet, fold down table in the sliding doorway, real wood wall paneling, vinyl padded ceiling. 80/20 framing for the electrical and plumbing systems. High end FENIX composite sleek countertops.


The van features a 3 point seat belt jumpseat that is bolted into the van chassis. This allows you to have a dedicated workspace and use the driver’s seat to swivel and face the rear for a 2 person dinette. The van also has a Vitrifrigo Slimtower 150 (a HUGE and premium fridge). It is a top-of-the line refrigerator that is AMAZING. In the garage, you have a LED light, heavy duty bike slide and outdoor shower. Like I mentioned before: Viper Alarm system, GPS tracking system, WeBoost Cell Signal Booster, Aftermarket 4k Rearview and Front Recording Camera and screen to film as you drive, Radiant Heating pad in the hallway. 12V outlet for charging on the move inside the top drawer and bookcase.

I used lightweight Italian plywood and realistic laminate surfaces to create a beautiful but durable environment. I like to use sleek lines, a premium dimmable LED lighting package and slim cabinetry to create a warm open feeling inside the van. High-End Fenix Countertops, No expense was spared and no shortcuts were taken when building this van.

If you have any specific questions about this build just ask JOSH