RV Labs Locking Drawer Latch


  • Innovative combination door/drawer handle with a locking latch.
  • Available in various finishes and lengths. The gold plated option is 23.5 carat gold.
  • High-quality latch made in Australia.
  • Also available in white and as a special order of 10 or more – lead time is 20-30 business days.
  • Automatic 10% discount applied in cart for orders of 10 or more latches (any combination).
  • Flat-rate ground shipping of $1.25 per latch to the continental USA.
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RV Labs latches are an innovative combination of a door handle/pull and a locking latch designed by Brett Hogan in Australia after working in the RV industry for almost 10 years.

Their elegant and simple design is easy to install and even easier to use; a quick finger pull action unlocks the latch, allowing you access to your drawer or door.

The “positive latching” means that your doors and drawers will stay closed no matter where you take your rig.

42mm latch dimensional illustration (PDF)

Installation & Tips

  • Screws for installation are not included since they have to be chosen based on the depth of the material the door or drawer is made from. We recommend #8 screws at the appropriate length for securing the latch. The longer the screw (the thicker the door/drawer front), the stronger the latch will be.
  • We recommend applying a quick spray of WD-40 or silicone lubricant into the top of the latch mechanism after installation for the smoothest operation. If you notice any friction using the latch adding additional lubricant will typically fix this.
  • When opening the latch, we recommend using your knuckles as a sort of lever against the door/drawer frame to make the pulling motion easier.
  • If your latch isn’t releasing freely/easily it may be because the attachment screws are too tight – try backing these screws out slightly (1/4 turn at a time).
  • Each door or drawer should have its own latch and each latch needs its own “catch”. For drawers, we recommend a “rail” for each drawer where the catch can be installed. A 1-3/16″ Forstner bit works great for drilling out the openings for the catches. There is a hole in the center of the catch that you can use to mark the location of the center of your drill bit – see image below.
  • There should be an approximately 1/8″ gap between doors and drawers to allow space for the handle of these latches to pass through.

Overview Video

Used by Louis the Van (Scarlet and Seth)

Used Seven O' Savage

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in

Stainless Steel – 42mm (1.65"), Stainless Steel – 100mm (3.93"), Matte Black – 42mm (1.65"), Matte Black 100mm (3.93"), Gold Plated – 42mm (1.65"), Brushed Brass 42mm (1.65")