Dometic NRX-80T Refrigerator – 2.8 cu ft – Dark Grey Finish


  • Latest generation of DC refrigerators from Dometic (replacing the CRX series). Check out our video in the description below comparing the CRX series to the NRX series refrigerators!
  • 12 or 24 DC operation.
  • Elegant frameless door, with a full-width handle, opens to a versatile interior.
  • You can easily remove the freezer compartment to use the full cabinet capacity for refrigeration or deep freezing.
  • 2.8 cubic feet (80 liter) capacity (2.75 cubic feet refrigerator .28 cubic feet freezer).
  • PDF manual.

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The Dometic NRX Compressor Refrigerator is the latest innovation from Dometic. The NRX delivers an energy-efficient cooling solution with the versatility to be used independently as a fridge, freezer, or both.

Powered by our latest innovative compressor unit, the Dometic NRX Series represents a significant leap in refrigerator technology. With its sleek design and unparalleled energy efficiency, this compressor-cooled marvel sets a new standard in refrigeration. The Dometic NRX Compressor Refrigerator uses a very compact and powerful compressor that controls three different operating modes. Eco, Performance (for quick cool-down), and Quiet can be selected from the touch control panel.

The NRX door incorporates a fully flush front panel and a convenient full-width handle. The interior includes a removable freezer compartment, multiple stainless steel shelves, two crispers, a bottle holder, and door shelves.

Notably, the NRX Series operates up to 25% more efficiently than its counterparts, exemplifying our commitment to sustainability and reduced energy consumption. With this advancement, Dometic aims to significantly lower energy requirements, contributing to an active, comfortable, and responsible life while traveling.

The NRX Series is set to revolutionize the way we approach refrigeration, providing not just enhanced efficiency but also a sophisticated and adaptable solution for modern needs.

Improvements from CRX Series

  • AMV20JZT Comp – Extreme durability (like CRX Pro, Truck Only)
  • 3-year Warranty (Truck Only)
  • VIP around freezer compartment
  • Dual Crisper bins
  • Additional Preset cooling modes
  • New frameless door design
  • New handle/latch design with sliding open direction indicator
  • New door vent latch design
  • Interior design refreshed to Dometic design language
  • Reduced weight (0.8 – 3.8 kg)
  • STK3 reduction ~10% across range
  • Single accessory frame type

Removable Freezer Compartment

Additional information

Weight 1500 oz
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 48 in