Mobiframe Swivel Base – Ford Transit

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  • Extremely high-quality swivels that are built to withstand the daily rigors of camper van life!
  • Smooth swivel action with little friction so that spinning the seat around is as easy as possible.
  • Manufactured by Mobiframe in Europe. We’ve purchased directly from the European distributor for the absolute best pricing on a top-quality swivel.
  • The latest version with and improved lever lock and swivel motion.
  • Pull tested for the highest safety certified by TUV European Standard.
  • Durable black powder-coated finish.
  • Includes Optional Spacer Bars For Mounting on Motorized Seats
  • Overall swivel thickness is 1.25″ + .5″ Spacer bar (1.75″ total increase in seat height)
  • Includes all required mounting hardware.  (Driver’s Side Swivel Includes Handbrake adapter)
  • Fits 2015 through current Ford Transit vans.
  • Some Ford Transit models may require cutting of plastic seat trim and/or seat rail.

Save $30 on 2x or more swivels. For instance, if you add a driver side and passenger side, the $30 discount will be applied automatically when you add them to your cart. Please note that you must add one “side” at a time. In other words, add the driver side and then add the passenger side.

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Notes specifically about the Ford Transit swivel installation:

*The non-electronic handbrake on the Ford Transit blocks the driver’s seat from swiveling so an adapter is included.  The installation of the handbrake is somewhat complicated.  Please review the video to see if this is something you are prepared to do.

*The Ford Transit requires some cutting of the plastic trim on the Driver’s and Passenger seat.

*Some cutting of the seat slider rail may be required to prevent hitting of the B-pillar on the Driver’s and Passenger seat.


TUV is a European auditing and certification body that ensures vehicle components manufactured for sale in Germany, Switzerland and Austria meet international (ECE Regulations), EC (European Community) directives, and German Motor Traffic Agency (KBA) road traffic legislation. These testing standards are more stringent than the testing standards in the U.S and Canada and allow our customers to have peace of mind when purchasing our products.


Manufacturer Certification (Certification of the manufacturer’s quality management system) – If you aren’t an actual manufacturer you can’t be a TUV certified manufacturer. If you’re not a real manufacturer and your supplier isn’t a TUV certified manufacturer you cannot have your products TUV approved. This requires that the actual manufacturing facility passes an audit every 3 years by TUV authorities from Europe. The facility must ensure the manufacture of its products meet the standards set by the authorities above in point 1. This is very similar to an ISO 9001 audit and designed to ensure consistent quality of manufacture. TUV wants to ensure that products sent to TUV for testing are not “ringers” and that all products manufactured at the approved facility meet the same standards.

Testing Results & Certification

Handbrake Adapter Install Video

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