Victron Energy Orion-Tr Smart 30 Amp DC-DC Charger


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DC-DC chargers (also called battery-to-battery chargers) connect your van battery to your “house” (camper) battery bank to charge from the vehicle’s alternator. They adapt the “raw” current with irregular voltage from the alternator to regulated output power for adaptive 3-stage charging of all types of batteries. This charges the batteries better than simple “isolators” or “relays” and protects your alternator from overloading since the output current is limited to the capacity of the DC-DC charger – 30 amps in the case of this product.

The charger can be turned on and start charging automatically by sensing the incoming voltage (when you’re running the van the voltage will be higher) or you can run a trigger wire that provides voltage/triggering when the ignition switch is turned on.

Multiple Orion DC-DC chargers can be connected in parallel to increase total charging output. For instance, you could wire up two of these units to increase your alternator charging capacity to 50 amps. It’s recommended that you use a trigger wire connection if using multiple units in parallel.

The unit can be monitored and programmed via Bluetooth.

Dimensions: 7.3″ wide x 5.1″ tall x 3.2″ deep

PDF Datasheet.

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Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 5 in