Van Essentials Modular Upper Cabinets


  • Soft-sided modular upper cabinets.
  • Designed to be mounted to L-track with included hardware but installers can use their own hardware for securing the cabinets such as rivnuts, etc.
  • Available in 3x sizes to suit the needs of your build.
  • Durable yet lightweight, made with UV 50+ material and honeycomb internal structure.
  • Fabric is made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles.
  • Shipped flat-packed with easy assembly (see video in the description below).
  • Free shipping to the continental USA!
  • Shipping to Canada is available for this product. Please contact us for more info.
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If you’re looking for a flexible storage solution for your van conversion that’s easier to install than permanent wood or metal cabinets check out these modular upper cabinets! Designed to provide you with ample overhead storage space, these soft-sided cabinets help you stay organized and simplify your build process.

The cabinets come in three lengths and are universally sized to accommodate most vans & DIY solutions. They maximize the storage space of every inch by including mesh pockets on the sides/bottom, a zippered & mesh pocket on each door, interior dividing shelves for added organization, and multiple exterior daisy chains for bungee or carabiner compatibility.

The cabinets ship flat-packed but they easily pop into shape during assembly (see video). They are designed to mount using L-track by sliding the included bolts into place that line up with the proprietary oval-shaped “holding rings” at the top of the cabinet backs. Once secured, the cabinets are locked into place but can be removed when not needed or for easy packing. Each of the oval-shaped “holding rings” is two inches wide for flexible positioning of the cabinet. If you don’t have L-track you can use your own hardware for mounting through the “holding rings” such as rivnuts.

The cabinets are 14.75” deep, 16.75” tall in your choice of width (24″, 36″ or 48″).

Note, L-track is not included. The included attachment hardware is compatible with all types of L-track. If you’re installing L-track, please refer to the following guidelines (see photo above). Using the corner where the wall meets the ceiling as a guide, the L-track for the ceiling should be positioned 12.5 inches out from the corner and the L-track for the wall should be positioned 12.5 inches down from the corner.

Small – 24″ Wide

Small – 36″ Wide

Small – 48″ Wide

Additional information

Weight 200 oz
Dimensions 10 × 40 × 15 in

24" Wide, 36" Wide, 48" Wide