Webasto Air Top 2000 Heater Ducting & Vent Configuration Tool


We’ve made it easy to order the ducting and louvers/vents you need for your Webasto heater with the configuration options below!

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This 60mm ducting can be used for both the air intake or the hot air output from the heater. Note, if you need a large quantity of this, we recommend you purchase our pre-cut ducting. This product does not need to be cut to length in our shop which makes it a cheaper option.


Use tee in locations where you want to split the output of the heater into two directions. For example, if you want one vent in the front area of your van and another vent in the rear you'll want 2x tees. In most installations we recommend a maximum of 3x tees


This elbow snaps directly onto the air inlet or outlet of the heater and can freely rotate 360 degrees allowing connection of flexible ducting in a tight space. Multiple elbows can be connected together.


This is a great vent for locations where you would like to rotate the vent/output with a flat profile. Important: threaded vents such as this one should be paired with a "backer sleeve" for each vent on your order. The vents have male threading and the backer sleeve has female threading. Threading the vent into the sleeve holds the vent in place through a cabinet/door/opening.


Be sure to add one of these "backer sleeves" for each threaded vent you have on your order.


This is a great vent for locations where you would like to rotate the vent/output with an angled profile.


This air inlet grate is often used when the heater is installed into a cabinet/box to allow air in to the location of the heater area. Can be used with or without ducting.


Unions are used to connect two lengths of ducting together.


These clamps should be used to clamp 60mm ducting onto each fitting or vent, etc.

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60mm Ducting

60mm Tee

60mm Elbow

This part is designed to “snap” directly onto the air inlet or outlet of Air Top 2000 heaters.

Adjustable Louver/Vent (Angled)

Adjustable Louver/Vent (Flat, Threaded)

60mm Backer Sleeve (pairs with threaded vents)

Air Intake Grate

60mm Union

60mm Ducting Clamp

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Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 3 in