Fiamma F45S Awnings


  • Uses legs to support awning that go to the ground or attach to the side of the vehicle
  • Designed to me mounted to a flat surface such as the wall of a vehicle/RV but can also be mounted onto a roof rack on a van
  • Ships with the “standard mount” (98655-391) but other mounting brackets available below
  • Manual crank by default with optional electric motor
  • Lengths: 8′ 8″, 10′ 1″, 11’ 6”, 13′ 1″ and 14′ 8″
  • Extension out from case: most are 8′ 2″ but the he 8′ 8″ length awning only extends 6′ 6″
  • Case colors: Polar White, Titanium and Deep Black
  • Royal Grey fabric
  • Can be used for a variety of vehicles – see details in description
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  • Delivery in the USA is typically between 2-3 weeks via truck freight. However, Fiamma is currently experiencing extremely high order volume so lead times are now between 4-6 weeks prior to shipping.
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Fiamma F45S awnings awnings are designed to mount to the side of a vehicle and are often used on flat walled vehicles such as class-c motorhomes. There are many mounting brackets available for various vehicles when you add this product to your card.

These awnings use legs to support the awning either against the wall of the vehicle or to the ground. They come with a manual crank but a 12 volt DC motor option can be added when configuring your awning.

The awning comes in various lengths and case colors. The shortest model (F45S 260) extends out 6′ 6″ and all the other models extend out 8′ 2″.

For Ford Transit Vans
This model can be installed on Ford Transit high roof Transit vans using the Fiamma bracket (98655-741) that can be ordered below. You can check out the manual for that bracket hereHere’s a great blog post about this from Far Out Ride. For mid-roof Transit vans, Fiamma recommends adding a roof rack and then mounting a F45S to the side of the roof rack. You can check out racks from Aluminess or Flatline Vanco.

For VW Eurovans or VW Vanagons we recommend 8′ 9″ (F45S 260) and 10′ 1″ (F34S 300) models.

About the LED Light Optional Upgrade
Adds an awning case LED light bar that is suitable for external use and is inserted (with pressure) in the lower housing rail of the case. It comes in a standardized length of 8.2 feet (2.5 meters) and includes:

  • 1x light bar with wiring for the 12 V electrical connection
  • 4x additional light bars



Made in USA! Two year limited warranty. Warranty to the original owner.

User manual (PDF)

Need Parts Or Accessories?
We sell the entire line of Fiamma products so we can help you with replacement parts or accessories! Please contact us with your particular needs and we’ll be happy to help!

Additional information

Model & Options

F45S 260, Polar White case – 8' 8" length, F45S 260, Titanium case – 8' 8" length, F45S 260, Deep Black case – 8' 8" length, F45S 300, Polar White case – 10' 1" length, F45S 300 Titanium case – 10' 1" extension, F45S 300 Deep Black case – 10' 1" length, F45S 350, Polar White case – 11' 6" length, F45S 350, Titanium case – 11' 6" length, FS45 350, Deep Black case – 11' 1" length, F45S 400, Polar White case – 13' 1" length, F45S 400, Titanium case – 13' 1" length, F45S 400, Deep Black case – 13' 1" length, F45S 450, Polar White case – 14' 8" length