Nations Alternator with Wakespeed WS500 Regulator (12-Volt)


  • If you’re looking for a reliable way to rapidly charge your batteries, a dedicated secondary alternator is a great option. This is for a 12-volt power system. We also sell a 48-volt version.
  • Price determined by vehicle (see choices below).
  • Scroll down to the description below to see what’s included.
  • In our testing with the 280 amp alternator, we see anywhere between 120 and 220 amps of output depending on vehicle, engine RPMs, temperature and the state of charge of the battery. Check out this video demonstrating a Nations altenator in a Sprinter van.
  • You can read about all the benefits of a secondary alternator power system in this blog post. We also sell this in a discounted bundle with Lithionics or Victron batteries.
  • Includes the advanced Wakespeed WS500 charging regulator that will ship pre-configured for your particular batteries based on the information provided below when ordering. Please see the details and a list of qualified batteries below.
  • This kit is for 12 volt power systems. Please contact us if you need a 24 or 48 volt option.
  • Lead times are typically 3-5 business days.
  • Free ground shipping to the continental USA.
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Note: in early 2024, the formerly “white box” version of the Wakespeed regulator starting shipping with a black, plastic case.

Kit includes:

  • Dual alternator mounting bracket matched to the vehicle you choose.
  • High current charging alternator. Most kits include a 280 amp alternator. If you have a Ford Transit van (2020 or newer with the 3.5L Ecoboost engine), that kit includes an even higher capacity, large case Denso Hairpin 300 Amp XM alternator rated for 300 amps. If you order the “Transit w/ Factory Dual Alternators” option, you’ll need to take the vehicle to a Ford dealership with an FDRS Scan Tool so that they can change the van’s configuration from “dual alternator” to “single alternator” mode.
  • Wakespeed WS500 regulator pre-programmed for approved/qualified batteries (see list above). If you choose “other” in the battery choice, the Wakespeed will not be pre-configured.
  • Wakespeed positive “van harness”. Please contact us if you need a different harness prior to ordering!
  • OEM GM idler pulley for the best serpentine belt life. Note, some competing companies use alternator bearings which can cause extreme heat and destroy serpentine belts.
  • Gates Green Stripe serpentine belt. Note: if you purchase the N62 bracket kits for the 2.0L engine be advised that you will also need to source the belt from Mercedes (part number A000 993 5800). Mercedes is now requiring a VIN number for these purchases so we can no longer include them in the kits.
  • A quick note on Mercedes Sprinter N62 bracket: The general consensus (Nations, our installers, reports from the internet) is that the 3-belt system that is used by Nations in their kits for Sprinters without the N62 “factory secondary alternator bracket” are better than the N62 version. In fact, we’ve heard of reports from Nations that some people who paid at the dealership for the N62 bracket have taken it off in favor of the 3-belt option.
  • ALL mounting hardware needed to install the bracket and alternator to the vehicle.
  • 1x – 18″ temperature sensor (additional temp sensors are available for purchase).
  • We also sell the Wakespeed to Victron CAN Crossover cable and data terminator needed when using the Wakespeed regulator with a Victron Energy system with a Lynx Smart BMS.

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Weight 4000 oz
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 25 in