Nomadic Cooling – X2 Air Conditioner – 12-Volt


The latest generation Nomadic X2 is an ideal compact rooftop air conditioner for energy-efficient cooling in a small vehicle. It’s the latest generation technology from industry-leading Nomadic Cooling.

Also available in a 24-volt version or a 48-volt version.

Includes black, powder-coated interior faceplate.

Like its predecessors, this energy-efficient, battery-powered, DC air conditioner is stand-alone so it does not need to be connected to the engine or shore power to operate, providing the freedom of genuine off-the-grid living. All you need is a capable electrical system in your rig to stay cool on the road.

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The earlier generations of the Nomadic Cooling units were considered one of the smallest rooftop units in the market, but the Nomadic team envisioned an even smaller footprint. So a few prototypes later, they reduced the dimensions significantly and improved its performance by using a much quieter and longer-lasting brushless internal fan. The compressor has also been mounted on spring bushings to help with road and operational vibration and longevity. The upgrades do not stop there, as Nomadic focused on the all-new intelligent LCD board. Our X2 has an all-new modern crisper panel to ensure better visibility even in direct sunlight. The entire MCB has been revamped with better electrical components, circuitry, and more intelligent operational logic. This translates to the compressor adapting considerably faster to freezing points, better error code detection, and speedier motor over-current, providing less supervision and downtime.

Eco mode should be the default operation type on a Nomadic Cooling air conditioner. The powerful mode should only be used for short periods of time for maximum cooling or initial cooling of the space and then changed to eco mode to save on power consumption.

We recommend a minimum of 400Ah of lithium batteries, depending on the desired runtime/environment.

Not sure which unit is best for your rig? Check out our comparison spreadsheet to see many of the most important data points across the various units at a glance. We'll be continually adding to this reference over time and expanding it with as much "real world" testing as we can!

Key Features

  • Quiet, brushless internal fans mean noise at maximum power is at or below 60dBA.
  • Super energy efficient. The unit has a 70amp compressor but its variable speed technology allows it to operate at much lower power consumption and adjust to ambient conditions as necessary. See the video below for more information!
  • Intelligent microprocessor control system, allows the user to set the temperature based on the desired temperature.
  • Includes multiple built-in protection functions such as pressure alarm, power high/low voltage, motor over-current, and motor temperature protection.
  • Fits in industry-standard 14×14 opening
  • One of the smallest of any rooftop DC air conditioners
  • Sight glass for on-the-road troubleshooting
  • Modern LCD control panel
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Spring bushing-mounted compressor and rubber-dampening feet ensure virtually vibration-free operation
  • Assembled and tested in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Each unit comes with a video clip of its testing run sent to you before shipment.


  • X2 Model – 12V
  • Current Eco Mode: 27A
  • Current Max Mode: 70A
  • Rated Power (W): 720
  • Rated Cooling Capacity (BTU): 8,188
  • Refrigerant: R134a
  • Refrigerant Oil: POE68
  • Refrigerant Quantity(g): 450g ±30
  • Speed Range: 1,000-3,000 RPM
  • Weight: 44 lbs
  • Outdoor Size (IN): 22.5″ wide × 28″ long × 6.9″ tall
  • Power Cord Specification (IN): 4 AWG

PDF Manual
PDF Installation Guide

Other Resources

  • Maintenance Tips for Nomadic Cooling Air Conditioner
  • We recommend adding a wooden support "frame" around the 14" x 14" roof opening for the air conditioner that is the same "height" as the surrounding ceiling treatment in your build. Here's an example photo. Then you can waterproof this frame with something like Flexseal to protect it from any moisture formed by condensation. This frame will give support to your installation and will also prevent the air intake or cooled air output from going into the ceiling instead of the living space. In this way, you don't need the "trim ring" included in Nomadic Cooling's optional "DIY installation kit".
  • Nomatic Cooling Tech Support: 480-576-2489 (ask for tech support)

Black Interior Faceplate Included

What's Included

The Nomadic Cooling X2 (12-volt) “DIY Install Kit” includes the following:

  • Power Bundle (4AWG) with Anderson Style Connector
  • Pre-installed Fuse Holder and 70A Fuse on Bundle
  • Pre-installed Stainless Steel Terminals on Bundle
  • Trim Ring (Optional for install)
  • 14″ x 14″ Cardboard Cutout Template
  • Zip Ties with Sticky (Mounting) Plates
  • Polyurethane Adhesive Sealer with Application Nozzle
  • Wide Thermo Tape (5 ft.)
  • Heat Shrink Wraps 3/4″ (3 Red and 1 Black)
  • Tube of Threadlocker

Additional information

Weight 70 oz
Dimensions 48 × 48 × 30 in
Top/Exterior Shroud Color

Artic White, Obsidian Black