Video: Tetravan Shower Overview and Unboxing

One of the biggest questions in camper van design is whether or not to install a shower inside your van.  Some people simply can’t live without an inside shower, while others are perfectly happy showering outside, at the gym or at campgrounds.

The biggest issue with installing a shower inside your camper van is the amount of space it takes up.  Another issue is that having a shower inside your van can also limit your floor plan and make it feel cramped or claustrophobic.

On the flip side, the problem with NOT having a shower inside the van is that it can be inconvenient to take outdoor showers when in the city or when it’s cold outside.  It can also sometimes be a hassle to find a gym or campground nearby that you can take a shower at.

The best “compromise” solution we have found is the Tetravan Shower System which is a collapsible shower that folds away when not in use.  It provides all the benefits of having a shower inside your van without any of the space and floor plan limitations usually associated with an interior shower.   In addition to the shower itself, a really well made folding shower curtain that works seamlessly with the shower is also available.

Vanlife Outfitters has been selling the Tetravan shower for quite some time and our customers have been very happy with the product – so much so that we are installing this into one of our demo vans.  In this video, we go over the product benefits and how it works.  We also plan to do a video on how it’s installed at some point in the near future.

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