New Interface for Cerbo/GX Devices Coming Soon

Back in November, Victron Energy announced that they were releasing version 2.0 of the Venus OS GUI (graphical user interface) to the public for beta testing. This is the operating system that runs GX devices like the popular Cerbo GX, the newer, more affordable, Cerbo-S GX, and the all-in-one Ekrano GX.

So, being proper van nerds, we had to try it out and participate!

In short, it’s awesome and we think it’s a huge improvement over the 1.0 version. Wanna know more or participate in the beta program? Click here for all the info from Victron’s presentation on 2.0.

Some highlights:

  • Modern high-resolution redesign including dark mode
  • A new brief page that gives a less technical view of the system: battery, tank levels, and actual power (or current) readings
  • Operational controls, ie. inverter on/off, input current limit, are accessible with just one click of a button
  • Remote Console is much much faster and multiple people can use Remote Console at the same time (this doesn’t work yet in the beta)
  • Menu items auto-hide after a few seconds to use the full area of the screen for displays
  • Multiple batteries are supported, i.e: starter, house, etc.

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