Front Runner SlimPro Ram Promaster 3500 (159” WB/ Ext High Roof) (2014-Current)


  • Compatible with RAM Pro Master 3500 (159” WB) (2014-Current) EXT High roof vans with a vehicle length of 6372mm / 250.9″.
  • Load-carrying area: 3928mm (154.6″) x 1565mm (61.6″).
  • Ten (10) Mounting Feet secure into van’s existing factory mounting points.
  • Included Slat Bracket can be inverted for a lower profile at 85mm (3.4″) height, or left in standard configuration at 127mm (5″).
  • Compatible with most Front Runner accessories.
  • Slats can be configured to any spacing to accommodate roof AC, vents, or any other accessories.
  • Fitment guide and all mounting hardware are included. No drilling or modification required.
  • All Front Runner racks are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.*
  • If you're planning on mounting a "wall mount" style awning like the Fiamma F45S, you'll need these "adapter" mounting brackets that pair up with the mounting brackets that come with your awning.

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Unlock your van’s storage potential with this highly versatile, rugged roof rack kit for RAM Pro Master vans. Long distance van-life mission, weekend trip or hauling equipment such as ladders and pipes, the low profile rack is designed to support large loads. It features an adjustable slat system to accommodate just about any type of roof-mounted equipment such as air conditioning units, skylights and air vents. The rack’s expansive load-carrying area was designed to carry gear and mount Front Runner accessories in a huge range of configurations.

Installation Manual

KVRP009T – RAM Pro Master 3500 (159” WB/EXT High Roof) (2014-Current) Slimpro Van Rack Kit – by Front Runner

Consisting of:
5x FAVF002 – FPCR Foot Set – by Front Runner
2x RRAC207 – Van Rack Joiner Kit
2x RRAC208 – Van Rack Side Profile End Caps
5x RRNS1475 – Narrow Slat / 1475mm (Pair)
1x SPVT001 – Van Rack Side Profile / 1156mm
2x SPVT002 – Van Rack Side Profile / 1358mm
1x WDST013 – Wind Deflector Van Rack 30mm Lip

Material Used:
Black epoxy powder – coated T6 aluminium
High strength steel

Assembled Rack Kit Dimensions:
3928mm (154.6″) L x 1565mm (61.6″) W x 127mm (5″) H

Approximate Installed Weight: 42.17kg (92.97lbs)

RAM Pro Master Van Rack Kit heights are adjustable from 80mm (Z bracket inverted) to 130mm (Z bracket standard mounting) all measurements are taken from bottom of roof ditch to top of the rack slat.

The slat T slots and side profiles take standard M8 hex bolts top and bottom.

Shipping Dimensions:
Width: 300mm (12″)
Length: 1805mm (71″)
Height: 195mm (8″)


Shipping Weight:
Weight: 43.35kg (95lbs)

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Additional information

Weight 8000 oz
Dimensions 800 × 800 × 800 in