Rear Door Shower/Privacy Curtain


A Vanlife Outfitters exclusive! Includes curtain rod + water-wicking curtain with sewn in neodymium magnets to ensure no curtain flapping when traveling in windy areas! Use it as a rear door shower area or just for some privacy by hanging the curtain using the sewn in magnets from the top of the rear door frame. The black, powder-coated curtain rod is fully collapsible and can be firmly secured using the included clips.

Includes detailed installation instructions + installation screws (light drilling is required).

Compatible with Promaster, Sprinter and Transit high roof vans. The Transit vans have a door handle in a location that prevents our curtain rod storage position from working well. We recommend door panels on the rear doors of a Transit for proper mounting of the storage clip.

$15 flat-rate shipping to the continental USA.

Manual (Google Doc)

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About the fabric

The Ottertex® polyester ripstop fabric is a durable and synthetic fabric that is perfect for all types of indoor and outdoor use. This fabric is 200 denier, 100% polyester with a moderate stiff finish. It is a medium/heavy weight, high quality fabric that is woven with special fibers that allows the fabric to have superior hold against all types of damage and tear.

This fabric is also coated with a PU finish (polyurethane). The PU coating allows the fabric to be completely waterproof through a seam sealing process (the process of covering the stitch holes and seams in a fabric to prevent any water leakage). Additionally, this fabric is 200 denier, making it thicker, tougher and even more durable against the elements. Even with its soft finish, ripstop is an easy-to-use pliable fabric!

The ripstop fabric can be used for kites, flags, banners, camping equipment, tents, hammocks, pants, sleeping bags, windbreakers and more. Ripstop fabric is extremely versatile in its applications and can be used for mass production or simple everyday projects.


The fabric dimension on the Sprinter & Promaster shower curtain is approximately 78″ wide and 58″ tall.

The fabric dimension on the Transit shower curtains is approximately 86″ wide and 58″ tall.

Additional information

Weight 69 oz
Dimensions 40 × 5 × 5 in

Black Curtain, Grey Curtain

Van Chassis

Ram Promaster/Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit