Tank Monitoring Kit for Victron Cerbo GX (External Pressure Sensor)


  • Kit includes everything you need to monitor the fluid levels in a grey or fresh water tank on your Victron Cerbo GX (see full list below in the description).
  • Works with “standard” rectangular tanks as well as irregularly shaped tanks such as those that install over a wheel or our custom molded grey water tank for a Promaster.
  • The Safiery “external pressure sensor” works by measuring the pressure inside the tank – accurate up to 2%.
  • Installs into a 1/2″ female NPT port on your tanks – most fresh water tanks include this fitting so no additional holes or fittings are required. On grey water tanks, this fitting can be added or a larger opening may be able to be adapted with something like a 1-1/2″ to 1/2″ reducer bushing.
  • Note: this sensor requires configuration with your Cerbo GX. Please review details about this process in our blog post that details how to install and configure this kit.
  • $10 flat-rate shipping to the lower 48 states.


If you need to monitor more than one tank, you can add an additional sensor with required adapter fittings below.

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This kit includes:

  • 1x – Safiery IP65 external pressure sensor. This is the actual sensor that sends a signal to the Victron Energy GX Tank 50
  • 1x – Victron Energy GX Tank 140. This device receives the signal from the tank sensor(s) and then connects to the Victron Energy Cerbo GX with an integrated USB cable.
  • 1x – Stainless steel, 1/4″ BSPP female to 1/2″ NPT male adapter with o-ring. The Safiery tank sensor has 1/4″ BSPP male threading – this adapter and o-ring allow you to use the sensor on a standard, 1/2″ NPT connection which are common on North American fresh water tanks and can be added to a grey water tank including our custom molded Promaster grey water tank.
  • 1x -PVC 1/2″ female NPT tee. If you’re using this tank monitoring kit on a fresh water tank, there is often a 1/2″ female NPT fitting used for the “suction hose” (the connection between the tank and the water pump that pulls the water to the pump). This tee allows you to split that port so that one output can be used for the pump suction hose like normal and the other can be used to install the sensor. On a grey water tank you’ll typically need to add a dedicated 1/2″ female NPT fitting or adapt a larger opening (such as 1-1/2″) for this purpose. Please see the photos for a visual illustration of this!
  • 1x – 1/2″ male NPT to 1/2″ male NPT nipple. This nipple is a bridge between the 1/2″ female NPT connection often found on plastic tanks and the metal fittings/tee/etc. we provide in this kit. It is not always necessary but helpful when using the tee.

Check out our blog post on how to setup, configure and use this kit!

The Safiery sensors are made of food/water safe 304 stainless steel housing. The sensor can be installed outside the vehicle it is rated to IP 64 which is splash proof and dust proof but can’t be submerged. It can momentarily pass through water.

Every sensor is a little different in the voltages it will read. In other words, if you configure a sensor you received in your kit and replaced it some day with another sensor – from the same company (Safiery) and even from the same batch – they are going to produce different voltages under the same conditions. Your first sensor might read 1.4 volts when your tank is empty and the new one may very well read 2.1 volts on the same tank. This was alarming to us at first but the folks at Safiery assure us it’s normal with a sensor of this type. They wrote: “these are a (USA sourced) MEMs Chip bonded into the stainless housing. The bonding of the circular chip is never the same. A little more adhesive in certain places. This is the reason why. Once calibrated, they will behave with a very similar repeatability.” That last part is really the key. Once you configure your particular sensor it should be consistent.

Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 in