Victron Energy VE.Bus BMS (v2 New Version)


For use with Victron Smart Lithium batteries that require an external BMS. This is the newer, V2 version of the VE.Bus BMS that adds some nice new features including the ability for the BMS to communicate directly with a GX device (such as a Cerbo GX) rather than relying on a MultiPlus or Quattro inverter/charger in the system. Another change is that the BMS can provide power to the GX device, and this means that the GX device (such as a Cerbo GX) will remain on even after the rest of the system has been shut down by the BMS which is helpful for troubleshooting.  Another new feature in this version 2 is the addition of a “remote terminal” similar to those found on the Victron Energy equipment that can be wired up through a toggle switch to act as a system on/off switch. For battery systems of 12, 24 and 48 volts that use Victron Smart Lithium Batteries only.

Manual (PDF)

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