Van Talks – Episode 1: What is Vanlife and Why Should I Care

In this episode we discuss “What is vanlife and why should I care?” Our guests for this episode were Austin and Janna Jenkins and Mars and Ash Fite (both participants’ info is listed below). The discussion turned out super entertaining and informative and we had many different perspectives (from the family, couple and single vanlifer’s point of views).

Some of the topics we discussed were how we all got into vanlife, what are some of the challenges (and also favorite parts) of life on the road, how does everyone make a living, a typical day in the life of a vanlifer, advice for new vanlifers, and much much more.

Special Thanks to the panel guests from this episode:

Austin & Janna Jenkins

Mars & Ash Fite

Coming Soon in this Van Talks Video Series

  • Episode 1 - What is Vanlife and Why Should I Care?
  • Episode 2 - Tips on Choosing Your Van/Rig
  • Episode 3 - Design: Defining Your Layout/Build Goals/Budget
  • Episode 4 - The Build Process
  • Episode 5 - Build Tips & Tricks
  • Episode 6 - Deep Dive - Electrical
  • Episode 7 - Deep Dive - Plumbing
  • Episode 8 - Deep Dive - Comforts: Air Conditioning/Heating/Hot Water
  • Episode 9 - Finding Places to Camp, Get Water, Dump, etc.
  • Episode 10 - What To Pack - Best Things for Life On The Road
  • Episode 11 - Insuring your DIY Campervan

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