Starlink – 12-Volt DC Power Adapter


  • Replace the bulky 120-volt AC power supply that comes with the Starlink Gen 3 system with this 12-volt DC adapter.
  • Check out our blog post featuring this power adapter here.
  • This DC adapter plugs directly into the Starlink Gen 3 router eliminating the need to run an inverter or generator so you can power your Starlink system directly off your 12-volt battery bank/system.
  • Also works with 24-volt DC power.
  • Power consumption was tested with a constant upload/download internet to be 63 watts (4.5A at 13.8V) compared to around 82 watts when powered through the standard AC adapter running from a MultiPlus 12/3000/120 inverter/charger.
  • Ships with bare wires for the 12/24-volt power supply so you can connect it to your DC load center/fuse box with the appropriate wire and circuit protection.
  • We recommend a 15 amp fuse to allow for the “snow melt” function of the Starlink dish when necessary. The power consumption when the Starlink system is starting up is higher as well.
  • Please note that this gets very warm. Be sure to provide adequate air flow.

We expect these to be back in stock in late June 2024.

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NOTE: This can also be used to power an appropriate POE (power over ethernet) to eliminate the Starlink router entirely (little to no power saving unless you already have a dedicated cellular MIMO router like a Peplink, etc).

After testing numerous power supplies we finally had one manufactured overseas. To eliminate any concern about ripple voltage (and subsequent drop outs and/or reduced speeds), we install a capacitor as well as the appropriate barrel connector that works seamlessly with the Starlink Gen 3 router.

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