Torque Guidelines for Victron Energy Equipment

Torque Guidelines for Victron Energy and Blue Sea Equipment

When wiring up your electrical system, it’s super important to make sure that you have solid crimps on your lugs/connectors and that, when you connect them up to the terminals on your equipment they are tight. Bad crimps or loose lugs can create resistance, which can result in excessive and dangerous heat. On the other hand, you don’t want to overtighten connection points to the point where you risk breaking something.

This post details the specific torque guidelines for commonly used Victron Energy and Blue Sea equipment. If you don’t already have one, we recommend this torque wrench that you can pair up with any standard socket set and this tool for torquing screw terminals.

If you’ve never used a torque wrench, this is a pretty good video about how they work.

Connection Spec Unit Notes
Bolt/Nut Terminals
Victron SmartShunt/BM-712  20 Nm  
Victron Smart lithium batteries 200Ah: 14
330Ah: 20
Victron MultiPlus DC connections 12 Nm from manual
Victron CL 12-100 or CL 12-200 BMS 10 Nm from manual
Victron Lynx Distributor bus bars 14 Nm 10 Nm for plastic bridges
Victron Lynx Smart BMS M8 bolts 14 Nm 10 Nm for plastic bridges
Victron Smart BatteyProtect 5 Nm
Blue Sea battery switch/main disconnect 8 Nm
Terminal (MRBF) fuse holders 8.5 Nm
Screw Terminals
Victron Orion DC-DC charger 1.6 Nm 14.1 in-lb
Victron MPPT Solar charge controllers 2.5 Nm 21.2 in-lb
Victron MultiPlus AC terminals 1.6 Nm 14 in-lb
Blue Sea fuse boxes (main DC positive and negative) 2.7 Nm 24 in-lb
Blue Sea fuse boxes (fuse location screw terminals) 2 Nm 18 in-lb
Victron Energy Smart BuckBoost 12/12/50 – Non-Isolated – 50 Amp DC-DC Charger

Source: Victron Energy North American Training Tour 2023

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