Professionally Altitude Adjusted Webasto Air Top 2000 Heaters

We’re really excited to be launching professionally pre-adjusted Webasto heaters for customers living at higher altitudes in cooperation with our partners at VMACS and Red Point Conversions.

The first product in this line up is a pre-adjusted, gasoline Air Top 2000 STC.

Back Story

The Air Top 2000 STC heaters (available in both gasoline and diesel versions) are extremely popular for camper vans since they are very small, very energy efficient (both fuel and electricity) and capable of heating the small cabin spaces of camper vans. However, if their standard, factory state, they are only rated for “continual operation” at altitudes up to 4,900 feet. Meanwhile, many of our customers are living and traveling at higher altitudes. This gave rise to a variety of “hacks” where folks were their rheostat controllers to kinda follow the high altitude adjustment procedures outlined by Webasto. But, they  conveniently left out the part where Webasto says to verify the C02 % with an exhaust gas analyzer after the adjustment to make sure you are within specification. In our testing, and as you might guess, this basically doesn’t work right. You’ve made an adjustment but it’s arbitrary and creates its own problems (more on that coming soon).

How We Do It Correctly

Comparing Standard Heater to an Altitude Adjusted Heater

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