Ruuvi Tag – Temperature, Humidity, Motion and Air Pressure Sensor


  • Wireless (Bluetooth) sensor that measures temperature, humidity, air pressure and movement in one small footprint.
  • Can be connected via a Bluetooth adapter to a Victron Energy Cerbo GX where the sensor data can be seen on a GX Touch screen and pushed up to the cloud with Victron’s VRM portal (more details on this below) or be used with Ruuvi’s own iOS or Android app.
  • Ideal for people with pets who want to monitor the internal conditions of their van while their pet is inside.
  • $5 flat-rate ground shipping to the continental USA from our warehouse in Florida

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Measuring Made Easy

RuuviTag is a weatherproof, wireless Bluetooth sensor node that measures temperature, air humidity, and movement. You can read live measurements and history data directly on your smartphone using Ruuvi’s mobile app for Android and iOS.

Use your imagination and measure almost anything at your home, at work, in your hobbies.

RuuviTag works in both cold and hot environments. This makes it possible to measure temperature in demanding locations. Range: -40°F to +185°F (with a special battery), standard battery -4°F to +158°F

With RuuviTag, you can respond to air humidity changes in real time. Protect your valuable items such as musical instruments, plants or constructions. Range: 0-95%

RuuviTag’s air pressure sensor can be used to forecast sudden weather changes, such as upcoming storms. It can also be used to analyze altitude changes from the sea level to high mountains. Range: 300-1100hPa

RuuviTag knows exactly when it’s moved. Known when the postman opened your mailbox outside and get notified if someone visited your hotel room while you were gone.

Pairs with a Victron Energy Cerbo GX
This product is a great way to add this type of data to your Victron Cerbo GX system. Check out this Victron Energy tech talk where they discuss this. Importantly, you’ll need to have Venus OS v2.80 or later running on your Cerbo GX. Also, the integrated Bluetooth connectivity on the Cerbo GX is not strong enough to support the Ruuvitag so they recommend that you add a third-party USB to Bluetooth adapter. Below is a list of these that have been tested by Victron Energy to work well. These are all in the $10 range.

  • Logilink BT0037
  • TP-Link UB400(UN) – this is the one we used
  • Ewent EW1085R4
  • Laird BT820
    Laird BT851

Of course, you can also use the sensor with Ruuvi’s own app which is available for iOS and Android devices.

Learn more on Ruuvi’s website.

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