Nomadic Cooling 3000 -12 Volt DC Air Conditioner (11,830 BTU)


  • Energy efficient 12 volt DC alternative to traditional, 120 volt AC rooftop air conditioner units
  • Enables using AC off grid from your camper van batteries for longer periods of time
  • 11,830 BTU cooling capacity
  • Also available in a 9,830 BTU version (Nomadic Cooling 2000)
  • Outside plastic shroud available in a variety of colors and can even be paint matched to your vehicle color – details below
  • 2-year warranty
  • 90-day money back guarantee: if you are not satisfied with your Nomadic Cooling AC, you can return it within 90 days of purchase for a full refund
  • FREE truck freight shipping! Save $250 on when you purchase from us!
  • Nomadic Cooling units are very popular right now! There can be up to 6-weeks of lead time before your order ships. So, we encourage you to place your orders soon in anticipation of even higher demand as we get into summer.

Note: colors other than white must be sprayed and will increase ship time by one to two weeks.


Please see the bottom of the description on this page for a list of items included in the installation kit. This kit is NOT necessary if you have these items or prefer to purchase them on your own.

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If you’re looking for a way to run a powerful compressor-based air conditioning unit while off grid from your batteries, this is the perfect solution! It installs onto your van’s roof just like traditional RV air conditioners but is vastly more energy efficient. In fact, this Nomadic Cooling AC uses less than half of the electricity compared to a traditional rooftop unit. Most rooftop air conditioners require 120 volt AC power to operate. Normally this is provided by shore power or a generator. In some cases you can run a standard unit from an inverter but inverters often struggle “starting” the compressor. In contrast, the Nomadic Cooling air conditioners use 12 volt DC power so it can run directly off your 12 volt battery bank without an inverter. We highly recommend using lithium deep cycle batteries with this unit.

Nomadic Cooling 12 volt air-conditioners are very quiet compared to traditional 120 volt air conditioners (60dBA with the fan at maximum speed) and they are nearly completely free of vibration.

12V Battery Powered Rooftop Mounted Air Conditioner

Voltage: 12V  (Max power consumption tested over 100 Fahrenheit)

100 Amp Compressor 

Eco Mode: 35A-55A @ 85 Fehrenheit

Powerful Mode: 65A Max Cool @ 85 Fahrenheit, 100A Max Cool @ 100 Fahrenheit

Cooling Capacity: 11,830 BTU

Net Weight: 27.69kg 61.05lbs

Size: 35.5 X 32 X 7  (dimensions for installation)

Opening Size: 14×14

Noise Volume: 60dBa

Refrigerant: R-134a @ 600g


  • Easy installation – if you have an existing vent fan or air conditioner, this will fit over the same, standard-size 14″ x 14″ opening.
  • This is a stand alone air-conditioner. You do not need to connect to the engine to operate the air-conditioner.
  • All Nomadic Cooling air-conditioners are non-polluting, and highly efficient units.
  • All Nomadic Cooling air-conditioners operates at or below 60dBA. Plus, the added benefit of vibration free operation.
  • Intelligent microprocessor control system, allows the user to set the temperature based on a desired temperature.
  • Includes multiple built in protection functions such as, pressure alarm, power high/low voltage, motor over-current, and motor temperature protection.

Eco Mode should be the default operation type on a Nomadic Cooling air conditioner.  Powerful mode should only be used for short periods of time for maximum cooling, as powerful mode has increased consumption of energy.

Air Conditioner Includes

  • 1x : 12V Air Conditioning  Unit
  • 1x  : Interior  Control  Panel  –  Thermostat Included
  • 1x  :  Remote
  • 4x : Metal Washers Large
  • 4x : Metal Lock Washers
  • 4x : Mounting Bolts Large
  • 4x : Mounting Nuts
  • 600g R134A Refrigerant (pre filled)
  • 1x : 14x 14 Waterproof Gasket
  • 1x : Interior mounting brace 14×14 (Metal Powdercoat)
  • 1x : Flush mount interior vent aluminum (aluminum or powder coated)
  • 8x : Small black finish screws for interior vent placement

Optional Installation Kit Includes

  • 1x – tube of ProFlex RV sealant (required caulking gun)
  • 1x – roll of refrigeration tape
  • 15 feet of 2AWG wire for DC positive and negative wiring to the unit
  • 2x – 2AWG electrical lugs
  • 1x Blue Sea 187 circuit breaker 100A-120A

Outside Shroud Available in Your Choice of Color

Base White
Black Rhino Liner – $299 Upgrade
Glossy Black – $399 Upgrade
Custom Paint Color Match – $499 Upgrade

We can supply this AC unit painted to match your vehicle’s paint exactly. If you choose this option you will need to provide the paint code for your vehicle. This video describes how to do that.

Installation Video

Additional information

Outside Shroud Color

White (Base), Black Rino Liner, Glossy Black, Custom Color Match