Vanlife Electrical System Tour Video – Victron Energy Components with External BMS

In this short video we go over the components of a camper van electrical system that we installed into a customer’s van. She brought us the cabinet and we filled it up with a bunch of blue boxes from Victron Energy to create a powerful, off-grid capable power system for her van that charges with three sources: solar, from the vehicle alternator when driving and when connected to shore power. 

This system uses Victron Energy Smart Lithium batteries with an external BMS (Lynx Smart BMS). We have another blog post that is a deep dive on an example system like this including a free PDF wiring diagram and we have best price product bundle in our store if you want to install a system like this into your van!

FREE Camper Van Power System Resources & Wiring Diagrams

If you're confused about your DIY camper van electrical or solar system, you've come to the right place. We have tons of resources including blog posts, videos and detailed example wiring diagrams (see below),If you're really stuck, we also offer consulting and design services. Our "choosing a system" page offers some additional advice and includes an example load calculation that you can use.

Below are some of our example power systems for camper vans/RVs. The Victron-based systems all have a corresponding blog post, free detailed PDF example wiring diagram, and a corresponding best price product bundle. Ultimately, you'll probably customize your system to your particular needs and perhaps combine ideas from one or more of the example systems.

Please consider purchasing your power system equipment from our store. Our bundles offer great pricing (yeah, better than Amazon), free shipping and you'll have access to expert support and you'll be supporting our ability to create more content!

Finally, there are a few things that we don't sell in our store (yet!) that you might need so we keep a list of these products in this Google Sheet of recommended camper van products.

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