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Camper Van Conversion Electrical System and Diagram

By May 29, 2018 February 12th, 2019 Miles Van Camper, Van Build Series

My Promaster camper van, Miles, has an extensive electrical system including the ability to charge the house battery bank with the alternator when the van is running, solar or via the inverter/charger when plugged into shore power.

Click here to download my complete electrical diagram (PDF).

Electrical System Overview

  • 2x 200 amp hour sealed AGM batteries for a total of 400 amp hours of capacity.
  • 2x 100 watt Renogy solar panels on the roof with a 30 amp MPPTĀ  solar controller.
  • 2000 watt Aims Power inverte/chargerĀ  that automatically switches 110 volt AC loads from inverter to shore power when available with remote control panel. This also charges the batteries when connected to shore power.
  • 30 amp shore power inlet with 30amp to 15amp adapter when 30 amp service is not available.
  • Progressive Dynamics load center with 5x 110 volt AC circuit breakers and 12x, 12 volt DC fused circuits.
  • Separated load center/circuit breaker for air conditioner and refrigerator so those loads are not operated by the inverter.
  • Three distinct charging methods to keep the batteries charged up: from vehicle alternator when driving (via a Blue Sea ACR), from the inverter/charger when connected to shore power and from the solar panels during daylight hours.
  • Victron battery monitor shows state of charge, voltage, charge/discharge rate in amps and watts and estimated battery life in hours.
  • 110 volt AC, 12 volt DC and USB charging connections in various places throughout the living space to power everything you need.
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