This is Josh’s third and current van and it’s the culmination of over eight years of vanlife experience and knowledge.  The Boondocker 3.0 is an attempt at a juxtaposition of the balance between modern yet rustic, functional yet beautiful, and spacious yet practical.   Over the last seven years, Josh kept a list of all the inconveniences and idiosyncrasies that bothered me about him previous two vans and attempted to solve those issues in this van.  You can see a clear evolution from the Boondocker to the Boondocker 2.0 and then to the Boondocker 3.0.  This latest iteration has everything one would need and nothing they wouldn’t.  The primary theme of this van, as with his other two vans, is “boondocking” (camping in remote locations for extended periods).  Josh loves to spend time alone in remote natural places such as BLM, national forests, and other public lands (not private campgrounds).  Because of this love of boondocking, Josh needed a van capable of spending long periods of time away from civilization and utilities.  All of the systems and interior features are built with this goal in mind.  The secondary theme around this van build is cooking, dining, and living in comfort.  Josh loves to cook… but he loves to eat even more!  One of the things he missed most about his first van was the double counters and ample cooking space, something he improved upon in this van.

Lastly, Josh admittedly did not build this van himself.  Since he has been focused on the daily operations of Vanlife Outfitters, he decided to have LuberCraft of Sarasota, Florida build his van.  LuberCraft is one of the finest luxury custom van builders in the country and this is evident in every aspect and detail of this van build.  The Boondocker 3.0 was built with methods that are optimal for saving weight, modularity, and removability so that all systems in the van is accessible for repairs or changes.


Ram Promaster 159″ EXT Wheel Base 3500.  Automatic Transition. This van build is super light and gets 400-450 miles per tank about 20mpg.  Rear backup camera, cruise control, power windows, mirrors and doors, Bluetooth, and keyless entry.  There is also a Sumo Spring suspension system which improves handling, control, load-carrying ability, and overall ride comfort.

Added Technology:

Starlink Satellite Internet, Ruuvitag 4-in-1 temperature sensors, electrical cabinet fans linked to the Ruuvi Tag temperature sensors, GPS tracking system, WeBoost Cell Signal Booster, Wolfbox Aftermarket 4k Rearview and Front Recording Camera and screen to film as you drive which also improves driving visibility.


LED Headlight upgrade, Steelcraft grill guard, custom-made 80/20 aluminum roof rack with rooftop deck with composite decking and wind fairing.  You can access the rooftop deck via the Rover Vans Ladder and Spare Tire Carrier.  For shade and rain protection, the van also has a Fiamma F45S 350 black awning with integrated LED light kit.  Lastly, there is an AMA Slider Door Window with Half Opening/Screen that adds light and ventilation.


Vanlife Outfitters Secondary Alternator Electrical System with Wakespeed Regulator and two 315 amp Lithionics GTX batteries (630ah total)This system is cutting-edge and produces approximately 200-250 amps per hour of driving alone (not to mention other charging sources listed after).  Other charging sources are a 30 amp Victron Orion DC/DC charger, a 180-watt Merlin walkable solar panel, and a Furrion Powersmart 30 amp shore power outlet via a Victron Miltiplus II 12/3000/120 Inverter/Charger, The solar comes through a Victron Smart MPPT 100/30 Solar Charge Controller, and organized through a Victron Lynx Distributor. There is a Furrion combo AC/DC distribution panel.  Everything is controlled/displayed on the Victron GX Touch 50 via the Victron CerboGX.  You can charge this van via the solar panels while in sunlight, via the factory and secondary alternators while driving, or via the shore power outlet when parked at a campground or friend’s house. Premium LED lighting and ample 12v and 110v outlets throughout this van.  Let’s not forget about the LP/CO Detector people!


The plumbing system starts with an energy-efficient Isotemp Slim Square 4.2-gallon water heater that taps into your engine coolant system to heat water. This allows you to conserve your battery power for other uses. The freshwater is supplied by this Promaster-specific 39-gallon freshwater tank. Combined with the water heater, this van has a total of 43.2 gallons freshwater storage!  The Vanlife Outfitters 26 gallon greywater tank w/ electric dump valve (this makes dumping your greywater a breeze!) and freshwater tank are both monitored by the SeeLevel Tank Monitoring Kit displayed via the CerboGX.  best-in-class ultra quiet seaflow 42-series water pump, extra large and 12″ deep Ruvati Laundry sink and Kraus faucet with integrated filtered water dispenser, the crown jewel of the plumbing system is the Tetravan Folding shower system which immediately catches everyone’s attention.   There is a second heated shower in the rear of the van for outdoor showering and rinsing off of bicycles, paddleboards, or whatever dirty gear you have. There is a Urine Diverting Toilet system built into the dining seat that sends the urine to the tank under the van for clean and effortless disposal.  Let’s be honest, 43+ gallons of freshwater storage is very rare and a luxury in a camper van and the perfect amount for long boondocking trips.


Josh is a NERD about insulation and he doesn’t mess around or cheap out with insulation.  He’s studied a lot about it and built over 15 vans for other people and won’t put in a different system than this. Everyone is over the moon about how quiet and moderate the temps are in their van.  His insulation system that involves a sound deadener, SM600L Automotive Thinsulate which also has acoustic and thermal insulating properties, an air gap, Low-E reflective layer, and then the wall (he also recommends a firring strip between the Low-E and wall.  It is a lot of extra labor to do the insulation and wall paneling this way, but his feeling is that insulation and temperature control is the most important part of the build.  You won’t believe how quiet it is in this van.   This van also features a Maxxfan Deluxe 7500k w/ remote, a Caframo Maestro fan, a Mabru RV12000 12v air conditioner with custom vent grille to cool the van down.  In the winter a Gasoline Webasto Heater with intake and exhaust silencers, and an upgraded SmartTemp 3.0 Bluetooth controller that is fueled by the van’s existing fuel tank to keep the van nice and toasty.  A bulkhead was added between the cockpit and cabin to reduce the amount of climate fluctuations that can typically be caused by the the windshield and front windows. When combined with window covers on all the windows, this keeps the climate in the van easier to maintain.


All of the cabinets and wall panels were made with lightweight half-inch furniture-grade plywood using labor-intensive, weight-saving techniques.  For example, there are no bases on the cabinets, the bottom of the cabinet is the actual floor of the van, but the cabinets still have toe kicks.  Most of the cabinets aren’t double boxes, they’re a single box with shared walls so that there’s no wasted weight.  The bed is built on top of the utility cabinets so there is no need for a heavy bed frame.  There are also hidden drawers and compartments for storing valuables.  The van was built in a way so that everything is removable for easy access in case you need to get to the plumbing or electrical for repairs or modifications.  No self-tapping screws were used in this van.  Everything is fastened with Rivnuts.  This is a more labor-intensive and costly method, but this van is built to the highest of standards. Finishes like high-end textured laminate cabinets (double the cost of Formica), two heavy-duty drawers in the garage (250lb capacity), and a Lagun table with a custom bamboo folding tabletop all make the van feel super high-end.  Commercial marine grade, heavy-duty Lonseal Lonstrand vinyl flooring (Boeing uses Lonseal in their private jets) is great looking, comfortable to walk on, but also easy to keep clean. Stylish and easy-to-use RV Labs latches are used throughout to keep all the drawers and doors securely closed.  Every inch of storage space has been intentionally utilized and located for a specific purpose.


The van was built in a way so that one person can cook in the enormous U-shaped kitchen, while the other person can spectate in the dining area or await breakfast in bed.  But the work area is more than wide enough for two people to work in the kitchen at the same time without getting in each other’s way.  The dinette is placed in the doorway so that you can open the doors and enjoy the view while you’re working.  When in the city or when it’s not so nice outside, you still have the window. The van also has an Isotherm Cruise 195 Refrigerator/Freezer (pretty much the largest, nicest fridge you can put in a camper van).  I specifically chose this fridge because it can hold more food for longer boondocking trips.  Behind the Tetravan shower is an appliance cabinet with a Ninja Foodi Blender and Instapot inside that uses an electrical actuator to raise and lower when you need extra counter space.  Under the counter, there is a Ninja 13-in-1 convection oven that can cook anything from frozen pizzas to air-fry sweet potato fries.  There’s also an ultra-efficient Furrion two-burner induction cooktop for those who are serious about making meals in the kitchen.  In the garage, you have an LED light, a custom heavy-duty bike slide, and an outdoor shower.

Lightweight Italian plywood and realistic laminate surfaces are combined with corian counters and Lonseal flooring to create a beautiful yet durable environment.  Sleek open lines, premium dimmable LED lighting, and slim cabinetry are incorporated to create a modern yet warm open feeling inside the van.  At the same time, accent pieces with personality, plants and rustic-looking finishes are layered into the modern design to create a more welcoming vibe.

If you have any specific questions about this build just ask JOSH