Lithionics Battery Factory Tour & Deep Dive Into Why Their Batteries Are Awesome

Lithionics batteries are known throughout the vanlife community as being the “Rolls Royce” of batteries. At Vanlife Outfitters we couldn’t agree more with that sentiment, which is why we wanted to showcase all the reasons why they’ve earned that reputation in a video. In this video, Zach and Josh meet up with Ruben Macias, the Product Manager at Lithionics for a behind the scenes factory tour of and an overview of what makes Lithionics batteries the “lithium standard” of batteries.

If you’re a camper van or off-grid electrical engineering nerd like us, then you won’t want to miss this video. But even if you aren’t someone who geeks out about electrons, this video is a great crash course on the differences in the major battery brands on the market.

While you’re here, you might be interested in how we use Lithionics batteries in a super-duper-off-grid capable electrical system.

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